Ken Wong, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army

Ken Wong, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA), talks about his role as a CASA, and how he serves as a link between the Army and its respective communities. In this video, he helps open doors for Major General Miyako Schanely in the Philadelphia area so she could share her Army story to university students and members of the local business community.

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[Ken Wong]

My role specifically as a civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army is really help the Army to identify opportunities and create open channels so that we can open the doors to allow the soldiers in the Army to come in and articulate and tell their story.

[MG Miyako Schanely]

I've been here with the team in Philadelphia for a few strategic engagements where we first started out at Drexel University. I think it's great for people to learn what we do in the military. I think there are many misunderstandings that we're here for combat purposes only. In fact, many of the students were very surprised to learn about many of the humanitarian construction missions that I've personally been involved in as an Army engineer, and that type of work that we do that helps to build stability around the world and try to prevent wars, as opposed to actually preparing for combat itself.


She's sort of a legend in what she does as a West Point graduate and achieving the rank of Major General, the first woman to rise to that rank in the Corps of Engineers.

She did a wonderful job in telling her story and helping the audience relate to that… and them understanding just that little bit more about the Army…. outside of what they see on TV and in newspapers which is hugely important for us if we want to change the misconceptions about the Army.


And then we also had a chance to go to Boeing.

It's always a great opportunity to be with professionals in any community who represent the various cross-sections of that community and of the industry that's there. Because those are the influencers who if they better understand what we do in the Army, and what kind of opportunities are available for folks who serve in the Army, they in turn could become the influencers that will help people make career decisions, whether that's to serve in uniform or as civilians in our defense infrastructure.


The Army offers great opportunities for young people.

For the right candidate who's qualified, the Army can play a hugely important role in the success that they may have later in life.


It's always both a privilege and frankly a joy to get out in the community and to interact with people and to tell our story, because it is such a great one to share.