I've Got Skills: Military Police Instructor vs. Football Coach

Watch a U.S. Army military police instructor go one-on-one with the University of Arizona’s defensive coordinator.

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I am Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum. I am the Primary Instructor for Law Enforcement at Fort Huachuca. I am army strong and I've got skills.

Put your fingers underneath him and pull up. Get up sir. Get your hands up.

I teach a pressure point control tactics training.

So choke me.

A little bit of ground fighting. There's nothing that I train that does not make sense. At

One point or another, they're gonna use it in their career. I'll be honest, this job is fun. It really is.

My name is Tim Kish. I am the Co-Defensive Coordinator for the University of Arizona Football Program and I've got skills.

1-2-3, Break!

The role of the defensive coordinator, you have to have a plan for each week.

We got a couple issues we gotta talk about.

You wanna make sure you're giving your players the best resources to be successful. You know, our goal each year is to win the Pack Ten Championship and go to the Rose Bowl.

60 minutes, relentless football…

To be in the game deserves to be played with great energy and great emotion.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

You need those two elements to be successful.

Tim: Hey, how we doing?

Sergeant First Class Craig : Sir, how you doin'?

Tim: Tim Kish.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum : Sergeant Craig Hannum, nice to meet you.

Tim: Well welcome to campus, we're glad to have you here.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum : Oh thank you, I'm happy to do it. Really, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am excited to hang out with the U of A football team and the coaches I'm a big fan. U of A's red, white, and blue, so who wouldn't be a fan?

Tim: Uh, to me, playing the game of football is playing with high emotion and high energy and it's gotta be the same in the military for you too.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: Absolutely. Training is pointless if you're not gonna take it seriously. Discipline's the foundation. A lot of people think its physical fitness and that's part of it, but without the discipline, you're not gonna get anything. You will not be successful at any parameter of the job.

Tim: So uh, how are things going down there right now?

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: It's, it's busy. We have our, our moments for the most part, Fort Huachuca's the place to be.

Tim: Our players had a wonderful experience down there every year they've gone down there. They had a chance to go through that leadership course, you know, and experience that.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: That was awesome, yeah.

Tim: Were you were you part of that?

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: Yeah, I did the offensive line.

The U of A football team came out and did Fort Huachuca for a football camp.

This is gonna test your resolve, it's gonna test your resiliency, it's gonna test your patience, it's gonna test how well you can work together.

Tim: For us, it's an opportunity to take our team down to the military base and understand what the military personnel goes through and how they're trained to interact with people and provide leadership.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: You gotta listen to each other, alright? Cause somebody might have a good idea outside looking in.

It was impressive how they worked together, they didn't bicker, there was no animosity. Explain to them hey, just solve the problem and you can't solve the problem by yourself.

Player: If anybody goes in, we all go in, alright?

Tim: There's an intensity out there that you can't find in practice field area so those are just wonderful experiences for us.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: You have that foundation of discipline. When you're giving that order, hey, I need you to do this. There's no question in your mind that that person is more than capable and that that person who's going to do it knows that they're capable.

Tim: It's just great to have Sergeant Hannum here. I'm very excited to have him interact with our players and I'm sure he could teach me a few things and teach our players a few things.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: How you guys doing?

Players: Good sir.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: Uh, I'm used to being one of the taller guys around but jeez, man.

Tim: We were just talking about your experience down there in Fort Huachuca, so what'd you guys enjoy the most?

Player: I thought the leadership course was fun.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: Yeah, it's very good training tool, really neat.

Tim: Back. Out. Let's go.

Part of my coaching philosophy is you wanna be fair, you wanna be demanding, you wanna make sure you're giving your players the best resources to be successful each week.

Accelerate on contact. Let's go, or you're gonna learn your lesson son. Let's go, that's it.

To me, more than anything else, it's being engaged with your players. There's an engagement out here on the practice field and there needs to be an engagement off the practice field.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: I like to see some camaraderie. You know, that's what I like to see every day when I come to work is guys just working together. Take care of your people and get the mission done.

This is cool man. This is really cool.

Tim: I, I just have great respect for everything that he does and the way he goes about his business, and it's very similar and a lot of, parallels a lot of things that we do as coaches and I think he'd be successful at anything he does.

Sergeant First Class Craig Hannum: I truly enjoy helping other people reach the potential that I know they can achieve.

Good, well done. When they say oh, that's good.

To see anything that you train in action and at work, the gratification is phenomenal.