Inside the Gas Chamber: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Nowak describes his experience at the gas chamber.

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My name is Private Nowak from Stratford, Wisconsin and this goes to Taylor from Big Fork, Montana. Your question is; "What is it like inside the gas chamber?"

Well you'll go in there with your mask on and make sure it works properly and see how it can work for you. After a while you'll take it off and be exposed to the CS gas and you'll cough a little bit. It'll make your nose run and your eye tear up and they'll have you do some things there that make sure you're keeping your composure and then they'll let you out. You got to walk around, walk it off for about five minutes it last when you're out of there.

I thought it was a pretty fun, a lot of people they think it's fun when its done. But when you're going through it but it's not the best. It's good, it'll be over with though.