Inside the Army Band: Army Careers

Soldiers talk about why they became members of the Army Music program.

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Stephens: Before I joined the Army I was a Music Education Major I did 2 ½ years of college and had to drop out cause I ran out of money.

Edwards: I worked in International Finance along with that just on side I played in a classic rock bands. I played in a Beetles cover band. My musical training was just lessons I never had any kind of formal education, just a lot of experience playing in the bands.

Allen: I went to West Virginia University as a Music Major received my BA in music. It was just playing and practicing on my own. Playing around with like different clarinet players that were out of college as well. We weren’t doing any big gigs or anything like that.

Emch: And I found myself scraping for those $50.00 gigs and having $60 grand in college debt and not being able to really stay afloat.

Weathington: I was singer/songwriter, I was also a teacher, a choral director. I’ve come to a stopping point in my career.

Jimenez: I was going to go to Graduate school but was somehow I ran out of money. My wife actually mentioned it, she mentioned ‘well how about you join the Army as a guitar player’ and I told her yeah you’re crazy.