Food Service Specialist (92G): Chef & Soldier: Army Careers

SSG Guy Winks joined the Army because he needed a direction in life. Through the Army, he found a career he loves.

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I'm Staff Sergeant Guy Winks. I'm a 92 Gulf, which is a Food Service Specialist in the United States Army. My job is to feed Soldiers anyplace, anytime, under any circumstances. If you‘ve been out in the mud or the rain and you've been training with your unit, there's nothing better than just a plate full of great food in front of you. And no matter how hard the training is or what you're doing if the food is great, then the mood is great. This career field in the Army, it can take you anywhere. I say if you want to be a chef, it's a great place to start, absolutely. I joined because I needed a career, I needed some direction, I needed somewhere to go. And I stayed because I love my job and I love being a Soldier.