Firefighting Background Edge: Army Reserve

SGT Summer Guerrero was certified as a firefighter in the Army and used those skills and certifications to become a firefighter outside the military.
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Roy Tate: My name is Roy Tate. I'm the Deputy Chief of Boeing Security and Fire Protection here at the Wichita IDS site. I do the hiring for the firefighters here at Boeing.

As an industrial employer, we always look for the cream of the crop, especially with an Army Reserve background. The benefit of hiring a person with the certifications that we're looking for is it saves the company money and time once we can get you on board if you already have those certifications.

I know Summer Guerrero very well. When we found out about Summer, we definitely wanted to take a hard look at her with her Army Reserve Soldier background, and she basically rose to the top immediately.

Summer Guerrero has been an asset to this department. I would enjoy having 27 more firefighters just like her.