Female Haircuts and Experience in the Army: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Justine Waite discusses female hair regulations in the Army.

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I'm Private Justine Waite from Saint Islands, Oregon and I'm answering a question from Danielle and she's from Riverdale, Georgia. She asks "How is it for females to be in the Army and do females have to cut their hair?"

I think females in the Army, they treat you exactly, they treat you equal. There are some disadvantages with some female drill sergeant's, cause they do like to drop you a little bit more. But it just makes you tougher, makes you stronger and I enjoyed it a lot.

And for the cutting your hair part, if you have long hair don't but your hair, because you can put it up and it's a lot easier. But if you have shorter hair, I'd just remember to keep it off your collar and keep it out of your face. It's easy as that.