Drill Sergeant: Why We Yell

Drill Sergeant Harrison talks about instilling respect, leadership and combat skills in new Army recruits.
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Staff Sergeant Jason Harrison, I originally trained as an 11 Bravo, infantryman and now I'm a drill sergeant.

I love to train Soldiers that's what I want to do. It's what I enjoy. We don't just scream to scream, or to yell to yell. We actually make corrections and we tell the Soldiers what they're doing wrong. It's to help them. So they don't make these mistakes in the future. You want someone to respect you, so you have to give them that respect. I try to drive that home with my Soldiers. How you want to be treated is how you're going to treat someone else. So you have to give it to get it.

Being a leader and a mentor to the Soldiers, I think that's my most important job. Understanding that they need basic combat training skills to survive if they get deployed. I sleep good at night because I give them those skills.