Drill Sergeant: It's Not Just Discipline

Drill Sergeant Jones talks about mentoring and guiding Soldiers – not just by training them in combat skills but also by teaching and building on life skills.
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My Name is Staff Sergeant Donta Jones. I was originally trained as a 74 Delta, Chemical Operations Specialist; I'm currently a drill sergeant at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

I actually volunteered to be a drill sergeant. It was one of the milestone points in my career. It's probably the best decision I've made.

It's true that a drill sergeant does teach discipline, but that's not all we teach. We're more valuable in building on life skills, teaching life long lessons and essential skills that train a Soldier to go to combat.

We guide, we mentor and we just lead the Soldier, put them on the right path. They make all the decisions and they're the one who actually make the mission happen.

I train Soldiers because that's what I love to do, it's why I joined the Army; it's why I stay enlisted. Working hand to hand with Soldiers is one of the greatest gratifications you can ever get. Seeing a Soldier accomplish a task or even move on, get promoted, it's just, it builds a true sense of pride to be a non-commissioned officer.