Discover Your Capabilities: Army Reserve

CPT Gonzalez explains how he’s taken advantage of the many opportunities in the Army Reserve, including leadership training and getting his degree.

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INTRO: FADE IN: Music. OPEN ON: CPT Paul Gonzalez in uniform, talking to camera: CPT GONZALEZ I’m Captain Paul Gonzalez. I’m a Combat Engineer in the Army Reserve. GRAPHIC: CPT Paul Gonzalez, Combat Engineer, Reserve location. CPT Gonzalez proceeds to explain why he joined the Army Reserve. Touches on misconceptions of the Army now offering opportunities and Army Reserve has given him nothing but opportunities. CUT TO: VO continues as we see CPT Gonzalez at his Reserve installation and workspace talking to his unit. Maybe see him assisting Soldiers at computers. CUT TO INTERVIEW: CPT Gonzalez explains how the Army Reserve has enabled him to achieve his goals both in and out of the Army — especially his “other” career as a firefighter. CUT TO: Voiceover continues as we see CPT Gonzalez at his civilian job as a firefighter for the City of Wichita Fire Department. CUT TO: CPT Gonzalez in firefighter attire. Voiceover explaining how the leadership training he’s received in the Reserves has enabled him to advance at the fire department. CUT TO: Voiceover continues as we see CPT Gonzalez walking through his firehouse and interacting with fellow firefighters.   CUT TO: INTERVIEW: CPT Gonzalez gives example how his training as a Civil Affairs team leader made him a much better firefighter by becoming a better communicator and leader. And training in his current branch (as a combat engineer) has resulted in being promoted to the leader of the Technical Rescue team. Touches on reasons how training has helped with this special unit. CUT TO: Shots of CPT Gonzalez with his Technical Rescue team doing training exercises (e.g. scuba diving rescue, high-angle rope rescue [rappelling out of windows, dropping from a tower]). CPT Gonzalez touches on how the skills he’s learn in the Army Reserve has given him an advantage over others in the civilian world. CUT TO: CPT Gonzalez walking around Army Reserve installation. Voiceover of CPT Gonzalez expressing the many opportunities the Reserve has provided him. Talks about tabs and awards earned as a Soldier, plus education degrees gained through the GI Bill and Tuition Assistance. (Shots of his tabs and awards as well as his B.S. and M.S. degrees?) CUT TO: Jump cuts of CPT Gonzalez talking with his Soldiers, training with firefighters and enjoying a moment with his family. Voiceover of CPT Gonzalez talking about his future goals and how the Army Reserve will continue help him achieve all of them. Touches on using rest of GI Bill to earn his pilot license. CUT TO: INTERVIEW: CPT Gonzalez shares his final thoughts about what the Army Reserve has done for him and what it can do for others. CUT TO: CPT Gonzalez sharing a light moment with his troops, firefighters and family.