Daily Routine: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Kyle Kuharski describes the daily schedule of Basic Combat Training.

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I'm PFC Kyle Kuharski from Texas; I got a question here from Daniel from Indiana; "What's the hardest part of basic training and what's the daily schedule look like?"

Well Daniel, the hardest part of basic training is probably the mental part, being away from all your friends and family from home for nine-weeks is pretty difficult.

Then the daily schedule is, it's pretty simple. You wake up at 4:30, do all your personal hygiene and be in formation by 5:00, so you get thirty minutes to get ready in the morning. Then from 5:00 to about 6:30 you do PT, which can be running, push-ups, sit-ups--all that. Then you go to chow, after chow you come back, change into your uniform like this--what I am wearing, go do whatever training it is for the day. You may eat lunch out in the field may eat lunch in the chow hall again. Come back from training, go to dinner, then sit down and clean the barracks all day and maybe get a letter written for your mom or family back at home.