Common Reasons Recruits Go Home: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Samuel Dyer discusses why recruits might not finish Basic Combat Training.

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I'm Private Samuel Dyer; I'm here at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I got a question from Veronica, she's from Orlando, Florida and her question is; "Has there been cases of recruits not being able to make it through basic training. If yes, what are the common reasons for this?"

Well Veronica, actually in our platoon we've had a few cases of people fall out and different reasons. Usually it starts off as an ache or pain from the leg or whatnot from a run or a march. To be honest with you 90 percent of it is mental. I'd say we probably had one or two actually people hurt, had to go home. So in my opinion they made their mind up they wanted to go home before it even happened. So, in other words be strong when you come to basic training and you'll be fine. Just keep a strong attitude and you'll come through and be like us. We have four days left so you'll be here before you know it so just keep your head up and push forward. That's about all I got.