Chaplain Experience: Army Reserve

Chaplain Gauthier talks about his journey to chaplaincy and the 90-day chaplain course. Army chaplains share hardships with Soldiers, on day-to-day marches and more, not only on Sundays.

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My name is Marc Gauthier and I've been a Chaplain for 14 years. Prior to joining the Chaplain Corps, I was an Infantry Officer as well and enlisted in the reserves a few years before that.

I had kind of a radical come-to-faith experience when I was 21. For me the calling to ministry really had always been the Army Chaplaincy. We call it "Muddy Boots."Really get out there and be with the Soldiers – sharing the same hardships rain and the road marches. Our parish is just outside of our office, the Soldiers that are part of our Battalions and our Brigades and its that day to day contact where pastors got to work to find his people any day besides Sunday for us we?re immersed in them and with them.

I have four children and I try to include the whole family in the things that are going on to make them feel like they're a part of the team. I think it's truly benefited my children.

I think one of the proudest things was serving in the Ranger Regiment, where I completed two years of ministry with them. To know I made an impact in the lives of the Rangers still fills me with a great sense of pride.

Right now we have a class of about 95 Chaplains and Chaplain candidates. We take them through basically a 90–day course that starts off with basic military skills, Staff Officer skills and then pastoral skills within the military.

If someone is exploring a call to the Army Chaplaincy, I think it's important that they pray about those things and seek some wise counsel and some advice in pursuing that calling. Again, it's a feeling that is there – and it doesn't go away.