Cavalry Scout (19D) 2: Army Careers

PFC Jared Gleave talks about what it’s like to be the eyes and ears of the commander on the battlefield as Cavalry Scout (19D).
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My name is Private First Class Jared Gleave, I'm from Provo, Utah, and I'm a 19 Delta (19D) Cavalry Scout.

Cavalry Scouts basically are the eyes and the ears of the commander on the battlefield. We gather intelligence on the enemy, find the enemy first, make sure it's an unfair fight, advantages stacked on our sides.

Being in the military you have a lot of responsibility. They trust you with a lot of high dollar equipment, really valuable stuff, weapons, ammunition. Plus, you have men's lives on your hands; your decisions can affect their lives. It's a really strong commitment; it's not something you can just quit anytime you want. Being responsible is a really big part of the military and the Army in general.