Can Trainees Go Home If There Is a Family Emergency?: Basic Training Q&A

CPT Jason Sanchez explains the rules on leaving Basic Combat Training for family emergencies.

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Hi name is Captain Jason Sanchez; and I'm a basic training company commander in Charlie Co, 2/46th Infantry. Megan from Lincoln Nebraska wants to know; "If there is a family emergency can the basic trainee come home?"

Under normal circumstances the basic training trainee will be able to go home. What happens in this kind of instance is that the chain-of-command will look at the training schedule and find the best anywhere from three to seven-day period that the trainee can go home that has the least impact on his training.

If during the up-coming training cycle the trainee will miss training, we will try to accommodate those need upon his return and he will be able to insert himself into another basic training company and complete that training that he missed. But under normal circumstances, to answer the question, yes he will be able to come home.