Cable Systems Installer-Maintainer (25L)

Cable systems installer-maintainers are primarily responsible for the maintenance of cable/wire communications systems, communication security devices and other associated equipment. This equipment needs to consistently work in order for the Army to direct the movement of its troops

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Military Occupational Specialty Cable Systems Installer-Maintainer. The men and women in this MOS will learn how to install operate and perform unit level maintenance on cabe and wire communication systems, commercial and tactical fiber and communication security devices that allow units to communicate in combat and around the world.

Because communications are sensitive, you must qualify for a secret or top-secret security clearance. The Army will train you to install operate repair and perform unit level maintenance on tactical and commercial wire fiber optics systems local area networks, underground aerial communications, voltage protection devices, telephones and other related equipment. You will also learn how to test cable communications systems to ensure systems quality as well as testing circuit groups to detect and locate line faults.

As specialty cable systems installer, you will be trained to operate various types of manual construction equipment and climb poles as necessary and critical commercial and cable wire lines.

Soldier: “One of the most rewarding parts about being in this mos is that I really have learned the basics of my job in general and I’ve become so close to my peers and my sergeants because they really do try their hardest to make sure that we know the basics and I’ve learned how far I can really go in this MOS.”

After your initial entry training and advanced individual training at Fort Gordon GA., you’ll work supporting military operations around the world. You could also be eligible to attend the advanced communications and cable systems maintainer school, for additional in-depth training on the fundamentals of cable communications and antenna systems.

Serving in this MOS can help you transition from the military to civilian employment.Your abilities in teamwork problem solving and leadership are skills in high demand by civilian employers.

Soldier: this training can not only give you the fundamentals in what you need to know about copper and fiber optics, you have opportunities to obtain many different certifications.

In today’s Army the Soldiers who keep the vital communications going are in Military Occupational Specialty cable Systems installer maintainer.