Bringing Up Decision to Parents: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Jaqor Cannon gives advice on how to approach parents about potential recruits wanting to join the Army.

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Private First Class Jaqor Cannon from Edison, Georgia and I'm answering a question today from Tiffany who's from San Antonio, Texas. She asks; "Do you have any advice for someone who wants to join but doesn't know how to bring it up to a parent?"

Joining the Army isn't a bad thing, your parents I'm sure will support you if you bring it up to them the right way. Just let them know your reason. And I'm sure they'll just want to make sure that your reasons are just before you join. They don't want you joining just because you feel like you're obligated to because you're not; it's a choice and it's an honorable decision to make. So, you shouldn't be afraid to bring it up to your parents, I'm sure they'll understand your reasons why.