Best Preparation: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Andrew Huggins gives advice on how to prepare for Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, I'm Private Andrew Huggins, I'm from Marietta, Georgia and I'm here at Fort Benning, Georgia for basic training. I'm going to answer Jessie's question from Rockmart, Georgia, she says; "What is the best way to prepare mentally and physically for basic training?"

Honestly, there isn't a way to prepare yourself, for an experience like this. It's got its good and it's bad, that's just mentally.

Physically, you can prepare yourself by working out, and just getting in shape. Running, push-ups, sit-ups it's mainly what you"ll need to do when you come here. But the mental part, it's a different experience.

It's a good experience and not many people get to go through it, so I hope that answers your question.