An NYPD Lieutenant Taps Into His Army Reserve Skills

Frantz Souffrant explains how the U.S. Army Reserve helped him get to where he is today in his civilian career with the NYPD.

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As a lieutenant in the New York City Police Department I’m the one that’s managing the scene, collecting the evidence, interviewing suspects, and assisting the detectives to further their investigation.

To secure a crime scene in the city of New York takes a lot of coordination from various agencies. Everyone has a specific task.

When I respond to a scene, my cops and my sergeant look for me for guidance. I tap into the skills that I’ve learned as a CID agent. Sometimes there might be evidence that may be gone by the time detectives respond. I can manage and say, “Hey this is, this is a piece of evidence that’s vital to the investigation.”

Without the discipline and leadership that I’ve learned in the Army Reserve, I don’t think I would be in the position I am today.