Airborne Soldier: What It Takes

Find out what it’s like being a part of an airborne unit. See what it takes to earn the Airborne Tab and be an Airborne Soldier.

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I am 1SGT Stanley Hurris, 11 Bravo infantrymen, and I wear the Airborne Tab. I am CPT Andrew Robinson, I am an 11 Alpha infantry officer and I wear the Airborne Tab. The Airborne Tab is something that’s on unit patch in historic Airborne units and those units wear that patch to honor their own history, to show their own Soldiers that they are part of something special. The Airborne Tab was actually proposed and originated around the beginning of the Second World War. The 82nd Airborne division was the 82nd division in World War I and reactivated to become the 82nd Airborne division when they decided to have paratroopers in the United States Army in World War II. Just knowing that I’m just a small part of something so great that our Army has, that’s an awesome feeling. The Airborne soldiers now have a great history to rely on. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants that went before us. An Airborne unit can infiltrate, go head and set up outposts. It’s an extremely fast way to get a lot of people on the ground at one time right in the middle of the enemy’s area of operations. You jump from something you know to something you don’t know. And that’s the epitome of being an Airborne Solider. Once second you’re safe inside the aircraft, next second you’re in a combat zone. It’s not about not having fear, it’s about overcoming your fear. Stepping out, that first step, floating down to the ground in the cool air, that’s definitely my favorite part of being Airborne. I would jump every second of every day if I had the opportunity. The Army is the only service that wears the Airborne Tab. Traditionally the soldiers that are in the Airborne unit are the ones that want to push themselves harder and want to serve their countries at the tip of the spear. If you’re that kind of person, if you want to be a part of that, then Airborne is for you.