A CID Special Agent Talks About Training: Army Reserve

Hear how Chief Warrant Officer Frantz Souffrant’s experience in battle assembly and the training he received made him a better criminal investigator.

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Battle assembly is a weekend in which we’re required to meet and train. Each battle assembly what we do is we go over skills that every soldier is required to know.

Alright, the key to collecting evidence here is we’re just gonna go in and we’re gonna take it into sections.

We set the stage, we have a training environment and we go step by step. We do all sorts of training. For example tire impressions. Tire impressions are important in a crime scene.

So now what we’ll do is we take this to the lab. The lab is gonna find out what type of vehicle passed through here.

Every crime scene that we go to is a new scene. Nothing is ever the same.

Because of the training I’ve learned in the Army Reserve I’ve learned how to be very methodical. And because of that has allowed me to grow more in my civilian career. As a law enforcement officer, we’re always ahead. The Army Reserve has to be at the cutting edge.