University of Texas at El Paso

Army ROTC at UTEP is an excellent career opportunity for those individuals with the desire to learn leadership and organizational skills that will serve them throughout life.  Our goal at UTEP is to make Army ROTC as visible and accessible as possible while creating a culture of excellence that offers the best possible environment for cadets/students to train and develop.  Each cadre members is a "Career Counselor" that will assist the cadets/students in navigating their way through the challenges found on campus.  Our learning focus is on "Officership," and we will continue to produce quality men and women as Second Lieutenants into the best Army in the World

Battalion History

Senior Army ROTC was established the College of Mines and Metallurgy at El Paso, Texas, effective 1 July 1948 as an Artillery ROTC unit (GENERAL ORDERS NUMBER 98, Headquarters Forth Army, fort Sam Houston, Texas, dated 16 June 1948).  In 1949 the Texas College of mines and Metallurgy’s name was changed to Texas Western College (TWC) and again in 1966 to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).  The initial ROTC headquarters was located in a large two story Quonset hut just north of Kidd field. 

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