University of Kentucky

Polar Bear Plunge

Adam Crawford

MAJOR: Architecture
HIGH SCHOOL: Calloway County High
WHY I CHOSE UK:  Lexington is a great town.  Not to mention it’s four hours from home but still instate tuition.
ABOUT ME: I enjoy playing guitar and relaxing.  I strive to retire somewhere with a tiki bar and palm trees.
FUTURE GOALS:  To become a practicing architect and make major in the National Guard.  I would like to branch either military intelligence or field artillery.

Mary Awoniyi

MAJOR:  Law School

HIGH SCHOOL:  Louisville Male High School- GO BULLDOGS!

WHY I CHOSE UK:  Since I was eight years old, I’ve known I wanted to be a lawyer and since I was twelve, I’ve known I wanted to be a soldier.  Imagine how excited I was when I found out I could do both!  When I began narrowing down my law school choices during my junior and senior year of college, UK was not really on my radar.  Although I had applied, I had no intentions of staying in Kentucky.  All that changed one day when I happened to walk into Buell Armory to introduce a friend to a National Guard recruiter.  He told me that ROTC would help pay for law school and I was sold!  I could attend Kentucky’s best law school, get it paid for, get my Army commission, and live out my dreams- sign me up!

ABOUT ME:  Upon graduation from high school, where I did four years of Army JROTC, I began my military career by joining the Army National Guard as a Paralegal Specialist.  After basic training, I attended Transylvania University and graduated with an English major and German and Anthropology double minor- what can I say, I just wanted to do it all!  I was extremely involved as a student orientation leader, member of a couple leadership honoraries, bible studies, captain of the cheerleading team, and president of my sorority, to name a few.  I also worked part-time jobs as an Admissions Assistant, at Omicron Delta Kappa National Headquarters, and served my one weekend a month and two weeks a summer with the National Guard.  I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I also always have a smile on my face!  I love to run; I’ve ran many races including a half marathon and I plan on running a full one marathon soon!

FUTURE GOALS:  After law school, I plan to be a JAG officer on the active duty side.  I hope to one day get married and have a lot of kids.  I love the army and plan on staying until they ask me to leave!  I hope to either teach or work as a lawyer on the civilian side after retirement.

Chris Peterson

MAJOR:  International Studies with concentration on International relations in Europe and Minor in German.

HIGH SCHOOL:  North Hardin High School
WHY I CHOSE UK: I chose UK for a couple of different reasons. First off, my older brother already went here so I would definitely have a friendly face. Secondly, I chose UK because my brother told me good things about ROTC here. Finally, because half my high school decided to either go to U of L or ECTC and I wanted to be further away from them. 

ABOUT ME: I am currently a junior at UK. In high school I shot 3-position air rifle for my school and was the team captain. For 2 years I was active in JROTC, Academic team, National Honor Society, German club, and attended boy’s state. Now I am a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, the XO of Pershing Rifles Co. C-1 and a member of the UK Ranger Challenge Team.

FUTURE GOALS: I hope to commission as an Armor Officer and serve with a Scout troop. I may or may not make the military my career.

Travis Fugate

MAJOR:  Political Science

HIGH SCHOOL: Paul Laurence Dunbar HS in Lexington, KY.

WHY I CHOSE UK: I was born and raised in Lexington and have always been an avid Basketball fan.  I learned of Army ROTC through an Army Reserve recruiter.  I was excited to hear I could become an active duty Army officer and experience the life of a college student while on and ROTC scholarship.

ABOUT ME: I enjoy being outside and traveling to new places.  I have been to five different countries and plan on continuing to travel throughout my Army career.  I am studying to become fluent in Spanish to aid in traveling.  I am a political science major with an interest in international studies.

FUTURE GOALS: I plan to graduate from UK in four years with a B.A. in Political Science and commission as a 2LT on active duty in the Army.  I plan on branching infantry, military intelligence, or military police.  After my four years of active duty is complete, I will re evaluate my situation.  I plan on seeking a job in private military contracting or returning to school for further education.