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Each semester, cadets from each class will test their mettle against the other Military Science Classes for who is the most talented class in the battalion.

Military Science III Class

Each semester, cadets from each class will test their mettle against the other Military Science Classes for who is the most talented class in the battalion.

“ ROTC is a great way to jumpstart a very organized and exciting adult life. It prepares you for anything that might come your way. From PT to organizing your everyday life, it molds a leader ready for anything. It is a great lifestyle if you want a successful career. ”

Adam York, El Reno, OK

See how interesting college can be when you're a part of Army ROTC. You'll be a college student first and foremost, just like the rest of the student body, but there's a key difference: you'll have even more opportunities to succeed.

These opportunities include Field Training Exercises (FTXs) in the spring and fall where Cadets build their teamwork and leadership skills. Cadets also participate in Physical Training (PT) on a regular basis to keep up their strength and endurance.

In addition, each battalion has its own unique calendar of events and activities.

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The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a series of electivecourses offered at theUniversityof Central Oklahoma (UCO)for students attending UCO,Oklahoma Christian University,Southern NazareneUniversity,LangstonUniversityandOklahoma CityUniversity. The program combines college electives in military science withpractical leadership training to prepare men and women to become Army officers.ROTC also opens the doors to a variety of exciting careers, extracurricularactivities, and advanced military training.  Upon successful completion ofthe Army ROTC program and graduation from college, cadets receive a commissionas a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, the Army Reserve, or the Army NationalGuard.

ROTC at UCO will quickly give you the confidence and self-disciplinenecessary to progress in your studies, skills no other college course teaches.You will learn how to motivate and lead others, manage complex tasks, andcommunicate ideas effectively; the same traits prospective employers will belooking for when you graduate. Qualify, and you could get a 2, 3, or 4 yearscholarship.

 ROTC is not a major. It is designed to compliment your regular collegecourses, not interfere with them. ROTC courses fit right into your regularcollege schedule. You can enroll in ROTC for the first two years (the"Basic Course") with no military obligation. Once you accept ascholarship or begin your junior year of ROTC (the "Advanced Course"),you make a commitment to serve as an officer in the Active Army, the ArmyReserve, or the Army National Guard upon graduation. The initial active dutyobligation is either three or four years.


The Military Science Program sponsors several social and professionalactivities as well as community service events. The social highlight of theschool year is a formal Military Ball in the spring.  UCO Army ROTC alsosponsors cadet visits to Army installations. Cadets gain valuable and practicalleadership experience by organizing and executing these extracurricularactivities.

Cadets participate in a Leadership Development and Assessment Course for sixweeks the summer after their junior year. Many seek additional training such asAirborne or Air Assault schools and officer “apprenticeships” at militaryinstallations throughout the United States, Korea, and Germany. You’ll also beinvited to get into top shape through an organized physical fitness program.UCO cadets are also leaders on campus. Some hold office in student governmentand fraternities. Others are active in professional organizations and campusathletics.  Come see for yourself…

Cadet Training Experiences

The Broncho Battalion’s training program focuses on training cadets in basicmilitary skills and leadership. Our emphasis is on training students to beleaders in the Army. Our goal is to train cadets to excel at the LeadershipDevelopment Assessment Camp and ultimately excel as leaders within the Army’sOfficer Corps. The classroom curriculum develops a cadet’s leadership abilitiesby instilling the necessary values and attributes required of Army Leaders.During our laboratory events, cadets will learn the basics of marching,navigating in different types of terrain, and marksmanship. We believe thisbegins the foundation for building competent and confident leaders for ourgreat Army. Our program offers additional training opportunities outside theUCO campus.