University of Alaska Fairbanks
Cadets must learn how to properly brief OPORDS and the Terrain Model is crucial to those steps.

Cadets Preparing Terrain Model

Cadets must learn how to properly brief OPORDS and the Terrain Model is crucial to those steps.

Cadet Charles Robert

Cadet Battalion Commander

"I am a Chicago native who joined ROTC at UAF in 2006. I am 21 years old and enjoy motorcycles. I went to Airborne school in 2007 in Ft. Benning and CTLT at Ft. Bragg, NC in 2009 with CAT 115 from A Company 91st Civil Affairs BN (Airborne). I decided to come to UAF from Chicago because of the extra camping and backpacking experiances that cannot be found anywhere but Alaska.

Cadet Andy Lean

Battalion XO

"I was born and raised in Nome, Alaska, where I enjoyed hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. I decided to come to Fairbanks because of the cost and the capacity to continue doing things that I enjoy. Since joining ROTC in 2005 I have been to Airborne School and LDAC where I earned the RECONDO badge."

Cadet Stephanie Weimer

Cadet CSM

Cadet Anthony Aponte

Battalion S1

"I was born July 10, 1988 in the city of Valledupar in South America, Colombia. I lived near the coast and in the inner city with my mother Alba Lucia Aponte. We later moved to Panama, and then to Georgia. I attended Spencer High school, located just outside of Ft. Benning, GA. I enjoyed sports and picked up on martial arts training while in Georgia. In 2005 my family and I moved up to Eagle River, Alaska, where I completed my high school diploma at Chugiak High. My senior year in high school I decided to apply for an ARMY ROTC scholarship and was fortunate enough to receive scholarships at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and University of Seattle. Needless to say, I decided on Fairbanks and headed even further north for college. After just one semester I chose to study the field of Psychology, and will be graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology. The UAF ARMY ROTC has expanded my horizons. It has improved me in every way I can think of, to include emotionally, discipline, respect, integrity, I feel prepared for the future and stronger as a leader. I have dedicated myself to becoming a commissioned officer, and to take with it the challenges and responsibilities that will be bestowed upon me. During my time in college, I had the opportunity attend Airborne school; I continued to train in mixed martial arts with team Frostbite and have stepped into the cage several times. I also enjoy the outdoors to include, sports, fishing, hunting and barbecuing! I have four sisters, Daniella, Luisa, Kelly, Christina, and father Daniel F. Sanchez…My name is Anthony Del Mar Aponte and I will be commissioning as Second Lieutenant in the Transportation Corps."

Cadet Andrew Miller

Cadet S2/S3

"My name is Andy Miller and I am a senior here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  I have been in the Army ROTC program for four years now and am looking forward to commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant this summer. My branch will be Transportation Core and I hope to recieve Germany as my first duty station.  I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and one wish to move back."

Cadet Mackay Barr

Cadet S4

Cadet Benjamin Sergo

Battalion S5/PL

"I am Benjamin L. Sergo, 28 years old. I grew up in Gunnison, Colorado then joined the Army in August of 2000. I have been stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, Camp Hialeah, Korea, and Alaska. I deployed in 2002 with the 82nd Airborne to Afghanistan. I am rigger, airborne, and air assault qualified. I was on the USARAK 10-miler team in 2006, 2007, and 2008. In June 2009 I was picked for Green to Gold program. I look forward to leading NCO's and Warriors to accomplish the mission and defend our country."

Cadet Michael Dinnocenzo


From Kodiak AK.  Joined ROTC to become a 2nd LT in the Army. Joined in June 2007, National Guard Fairbanks Armory, no major achievements, no deployments.

Cadet Hugh Foster

PT Coordinator

CDT Hugh Foster hails from Grand Prairie, TX by way of Myrtle, MS I'm and Civil Engineering major with a concentration in Transportation and Traffic Engineering.  I enjoy Army Rotc because i feel that it prepares me mentally and physcially for the challenges I will face in the world outside of college and in life.  I enjoy shooting pool and going to the movies, I also enjoy anything dealing with History because someone once said, "You have to know where you come from in order to know where you’re going."

Cadet Alan Parsel


"My name is Craig Alan Parsel and am 23 years of age. I am a linguistics major at UAF. My hometown is Preist Germany and North Pole, Alaska. I chose to do ROTC because I want to be a leader. I feel that I need to serve for my country. And I want to lead those that feel the same way."

Cadet Jamie Jackson


"I am Jamie Jackson.  I am 30 years old and have two wonderful children. I was raised as an Army brat.  I lived most of life overseas at SHAPE Belgium.  I was born in Landstuhl, Germany.  I married into the military and when he left the service I decided it was time to finish school.  I joined ROTC in 2008 and will be graduating in 2011.  It has been a hard road for I am not as young as I used to be but in the end I know my children will one day appreciate what I have done for them. I am hoping to go Medical Service Corps and stay at Ft Wainwright Alaska."

Cadet Joshua Woodaz


"I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and went to Mattawan High School.  I wanted to go to college out of state and someplace unique, so I chose Alaska.  When I first came to college, I never thought that I would be joining the ROTC program.  During this time, my sister joined the Navy.  I saw how people respected her because she was serving in the military.  In the spring semester of my freshman year, I joined a military science class just for kicks and to help my leadership skills.  During this class, I was given positive feedback and that I might be a good Cadet.  I thought and prayed hard about it and decided to pursue the ROTC program.  I ended up contracting in September of my Junior year and so far this has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  I am growing as a leader and being challenged to be all that I can be.  To anyone considering ROTC I say: Come and give it a shot and see what it's like.  It may end up positively changing your life like it has mine."

Cadet Andrew Corcoran


Cadet Phillip Christman


Cadet Ray Diamond


"My name is CDT Raye Diamond. The R.O.T.C. program has been a great stabilizing program for me. I am in better shape physically, and motivated to be a better leader for my peers and myself."

Cadet Caleb Frazier


Cadet Caleb J. Frazier is 27 years old and was born in San Diego, CA.  When he was four years old his father joined the Army and he has moved around the US and Europe as a dependent ever since.  He joined the Army in May 2006 as a 35N, Signals Intelligence Analyst.  Upon graduation of AIT he was assigned to 206th MI BN, 116th MI Group in Fort Gordon, GA.  There he served for 2 years as an analyst, supplying actionable intelligence to deployed units in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In order to challenge himself and to develop as a soldier he began attending boards upon arrival at his first duty station.  He eventually went on to be named the Combined Arms Center Soldier of the Year for 2007.  In May 2008 his goal of being promoted to Sergeant was realized and two months later, in July, his goal of being accepted into the Green to Gold program was realized.  Cadet Frazier looks forward to a successful career leading NCOs and soldiers in order to accomplish the mission and defend the freedom of our nation.

Cadet Raymond Ganacias


"I am Raymond E. Ganacias, 24 years old. I grew up in Chugiak, Alaska then joined the Army in September of 2007. I went to FT Jackson for BCT, and FT Gordon for AIT. My MOS speciality is 25U, Communication Signal Support Specialist. The unit I'm currently in is 1-207th AVN HHC stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. I've never been deployed with my unit because I choose to get college out of the way before I mobilize to different countries. During my years in college, I chose ROTC to better my leadership attributes and understand what is like to lead a group through missions and scenarios, and motivate myself to excel in my studies."

Cadet William Miller


"My name is William Miller and I'm 20 years old. My hometown is Delta Junction, AK. The main reason I joined ROTC was to pay for college. I also joined because I wanted to join the army and this is a good way to get into the army. So far I am enjoying my experience hear and I feel like I'm learning a lot."

Cadet Stephanie L. Parker


"I am Stephanie L. Parker, 19 years old. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama.  I graduated from high school in 2008 and moved up to Alaska for college.  I joined the UAF ROTC program to follow in the footsteps of my parents and to be part of something bigger than myself. Both my mother and father are senior Army officers and over the years, they have gotten so much out of their experience of leading soldiers and I hope to do the same.  I joined the UAF ROTC program for more than just the scholarship and benefits, I joined because it is the best university level leadership course in the country and whether I decide to make the Army a career or not, the program instills self-discipline, physical stamina, and poise-the qualities to success in any career."

Cadet Erin Walsh


"My name is Erin Walsh, I am 19 years old, and I come from the rural community of Dillingham, Alaska.  I have chosen ROTC as the structured path to guide my future career in the military as well as to prepare me for a meaningful life beyond my college education.  I contracted into the ROTC program during the spring of 2009 and am scheduled to commission May of 2012.  The leadership skills and personal strength I have gained and will continue to gain throughout the ROTC process are ensurance of my ever developing success as both a future Lt. in the U.S. army and as a valuable citizen of my country."

Cadet Maria Wylie


"My name is Maria Wylie. I am from North Pole, Alaska. I join UAF Army ROTC in the fall of 2008. I am looking forward to becoming an officer in the Army in just a few short years. I am in ROTC because I come from a history of family members in the military and I can't wait to get my chance to do my part."

Cadet Kelvin Odegard


"I am Kelvin S. Odegard, 18 years old. I grew up in Palmer, Alaska; I decided to join ROTC because I enjoy the challenges that a person in a leadership position must overcome, and I look forward to overcoming many such challenges."

Cadet Trevor Kral


"I am Trevor Milo Kral, I am 19 years old from Downers Grove, IL which is a suburb of Chicago.  I join ROTC in the fall of 2009 when I came to UAF for school.  The reason I joined ROTC is I feel that if someone has a the ability to protect and serve their country they should in some capacity and military service is the highest capacity I can do.  Also it was extremely important for me to go to school and get my degree and ROTC is allows me to do both."

Cadet Jerad Flynn


"My name is Jerad P. Flynn. I was born in Atwater California, but spent most of my life in O'Fallon Illinois. I attended my first year of college at South Western Illinois College, then transferred to UAF as a geology major. I joined ROTC my sophomore year, and contracted later that semester. I am very grateful that i get the chance to soon serve my country, and i know it will be the greatest honor of my life."

Cadet Samantha Bernette


"Samantha Bernette, 19 years old, hometown is Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. I joined Army ROTC because I applied and then was granted a 4 year scholarship to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. With out this scholarship I wound not be able to go to college."