Texas A&M University
Texas A&M has been producing Army officers since 1876.

A Long Tradition

Texas A&M has been producing Army officers since 1876.

A long history of excellence

Texas A&M University is a Senior Military College that has beencommissioning officers into the U.S. Army since 1876. Aggies have participatedin every military action from the Spanish American War to the Global War onTerrorism. More Aggie officers served during WWII than the combined totals ofthe service academies. We pride ourselves on the ability of our militaryfaculty to instill the values and skills necessary for success in today'smilitary. Texas A&M is known throughout the Army for producing officers ofhigh quality who exhibit a profound sense of duty for their country and theirsoldiers.

In conjunction with the Corps of Cadets, the Army ROTC program is committedto producing leaders for the Army and creating better citizens for America. Theleadership training Army ROTC provides is unparalled to any other ROTC programin the nation.

Army ROTC at Texas A&M is consistently one of the best in the nation.Cadets who have attended A&M and who are pursuing a commission in themilitary consistently perform well above the national average in every aspectof ROTC military training. Aggies in the military are well known and haveproved themselves to be successful in every area, from the rank of Lieutenantto General. Army ROTC at Texas A&M has a rich tradition as well as lastingpride in its cadets, past and present.