Southern Illinois University Carbondale

The Saluki Strike Battalion prepares to move out for training

The Saluki Strike Battalion currently has 60 Cadets enrolled in a wide variety of majors and graduate level studies. The Battalion also offers many other extracurricular activities to help develop Cadets into well-rounded leaders. Saluki Strike Battalion prides it's self in physical fitness by participating in the Glory Coast to Coast Relay and Ranger Challenge every fall semester. Additionally, Cadets have the honor of providing a color guard team at numerous football and basketball games on campus. Lastly, Saluki Strike is always seeking ways to volunteer within the community by making routine visits at a local Veteran's Affairs Nursing home.

Freshman and sophomore Cadets spend much their time learning the basic skills of soldering. This is done through class and instruction from senior level Cadets during lab. Senior Cadets develop their leadership skills by preparing and instructing their own leadership labs and field training exercises with minimal guidance from Cadre.

Battalion History

The Army ROTC at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale was established in the fall of 1980…

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