Seattle University
Cadets develop friendships that are forged by sharing the challenges and successes, both in ROTC and as Army officers. These friendships last a lifetime.

Cadet Shasta Lewis and Cadet Andrew Toler riding in a U.S. Army Stryker vehicle at Fort Lewis, WA.

Cadets develop friendships that are forged by sharing the challenges and successes, both in ROTC and as Army officers. These friendships last a lifetime.

Cadet Kevin Kay

C/Battalion Commander

ROTC has given me a sense of purpose, and a clear goal to strive for during my college career. Unlike many of my colleagues, I know exactly what I will be doing after graduation and what is expected of me. The steps towards becoming an Army officer have undoubtedly been far more challenging than those I have faced during my studies. ROTC at Seattle University builds leaders of character and integrity that I know will succeed in any endeavor they choose to undertake. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of the Brady Battalion family, and I look forward to serving my country as an Officer in the United States Army.

Cadet Corey Wilson

C/Battalion Operations Officer

ROTC provided me with an opportunity for personal development that I could not have found anywhere else. I was fortunate enough to spend four years learning from some of our country’s greatest leaders – the officers and NCOs of the US Army. The cadre always took the time to work with me personally to help me grow as an individual. They prepared me not only for a career in the Army, but also gave me set of skills that I can apply to everything in my life: the ability to handle stress, communicate with people, plan thoroughly, and execute any given task. I have no doubt that I am far better student, leader, and person now than I ever could have been without their mentorship. ROTC enriched my college experience by giving me a very close group of friends and a direction to go after graduation. Joining ROTC may be the best decision I have ever made.

Cadet Jesse David

C/Command Sergeant Major

I have thoroughly enjoyed ROTC career at Seattle University. I have had the opportunity to attend the Airborne course in which I jumped from an airplane five times at a height of 1250 feet. I also had the opportunity to attend the Northern Mountain Warfare course in Alaska, where I got to hike the mountains and glaciers of Alaska. I was challenged both physically and mentally at those schools in ways that I had never been challenged before.

Those schools along with all of the training I have received in ROTC have given me the confidence and skill sets to be not only an officer in the United States Army, but also a leader wherever I go. I will use the skills given to me through ROTC to lead the school as student body president next year. ROTC has prepared me for all of the upcoming challenges in my life.

Cadet Joshua Banal

MS II Class Leader

Finishing up my first year with the Brady Battalion, I can honestly say ROTC has helped me develop more as a responsible adult. Not only are we scholars, but also athletes and future leaders in the making. This year has taught me discipline, time management, and mental endurance. Although I had a heavy workload throughout the year, ROTC pushed me to academic levels that I never thought I could accomplish. I am lucky to join a program that is so close. Each cadet helps each other whenever they can, and our Cadre is always there to lend us a bit of their wisdom. When I first joined, I was told that SU AROTC is one of the best out there. Now that I’m in it, I believe that it is not just one, but ‘THE” best AROTC out there.

Cadet Johnathan Roth

MS I Class Leader

I have a strong family background in the armed forces that dates back to World War I. Being a part of Army ROTC has been a privilege for me because I get the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of my forefathers and uphold the pride and honor that comes with serving in the greatest Army in the world. 

 Army ROTC has taught me how to become a more disciplined individual.  The Army has encouraged me to hold myself accountable and weigh my decisions so that I may excel in my future endeavors. 

 If it was not for Army ROTC I would not be motivated to reach my full potential. The Army is a passion, that when not present, there exists a void in my life. Becoming an officer and fulfilling the role of a leader is something I was born to do and by joining Army ROTC I am able to fulfill a legacy that some of the most honorable soldiers have begun.