Saint Augustine's University/Shaw University/NC Wesleyan College & William Peace University

In 1962, officials at Saint Augustine’s College began considering the possibility of establishing a Senior ROTC Program on campus. After much deliberation, an application was submitted to the Secretary of the Army in 1967, and approved for a program to commence with the 1972-73, school year. However, the institution requested that action be delayed until 1974. In April 1974, Regular Army personnel began arriving to staff the new ROTC detachment, and the Department of Military Science was established.

A curriculum was adopted and regular class began in August 1974. During this initial semester, one hundred and forty students enrolled in the program. This large initial enrollment was more than twice the anticipated figure. The popularity of the program was continued at a high level with enrollment never falling below 200 students.

This detachment has had a cross-enrollment agreement with Shaw University since 1974 and with North Carolina Wesleyan College in 1987 through the early 1990’s. The Military Science Curriculum is General Military Science, with an emphasis on fundamentals common to all branches of the Army. Military Science is offered only as an elective, with both the two and four year programs available to students.

During the period of August 1974 and December 1975, the program operated under provisions of POI Example B (Modified), Part V, CONRAC Pamphlet, Senior Division Program of Instruction. From January 1976 through May 1983, the program operated under guidance presented at the 1975 PMS Conference. In August 1983, the detachment fully implemented the Army’s Military Qualification Standards 1.

In 2002, the detachment implemented Cadet Command’s new Military Science Course Curriculum designed to establish a standardized training program for 270 schools nationwide. The college administration indicated its full support of the present curriculum by granting full academic credit for all courses offered by the Department of Military Science.

In the Fall of 2007, the Falcon Battalion opened discussions with North Carolina Wesleyan College, and officially renewed the partnership with them after over 10 years away from the campus. The first ROTC class was held in Fall 2008 with a total enrollment of 13 Cadets and 3 scholarship awardees. The addition of a second partnership school enabled the Falcon Battalion to achieve enrollments that hadn’t been seen since the 1980’s.