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As a Cadet you will learn to plan and brief a field tactical order that organizes the Squad for a mission.

Cadet issues an Operations Order

As a Cadet you will learn to plan and brief a field tactical order that organizes the Squad for a mission.

Welcome to the Rutgers University Army ROTC Scarlet Knight BattalionHomepage! Army ROTC has a long-standing tradition at Rutgers of producing adiversity of leaders for the Army, New Jersey and the Nation. The ScarletKnight Battalion's mission is to commission officers into the United StatesArmy as Second Lieutenants who will go on to serve our country in the RegularActive Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserves.

Army ROTC offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety ofways. The program of instruction challenges each cadet in the battalion in bothindoor and outdoor settings; cadets participate in classroom instruction whilealso engaging in world class physical fitness training, landnavigation/orienteering, rifle marksmanship and other military activities.Cadets learn management and leadership skills not available in other Universityprograms. Army ROTC contributes to a variety of leadership skills applicable toany profession, career or job, while instilling in each cadet a sense ofconfidence, discipline, and personal responsibility. Moreover, each cadet gainsthe satisfaction of being part of a select group of Americans dedicated tosupport and defend the US Constitution and serve the Nation.

There are many routes you can take to commission as a Second Lieutenantthrough Army ROTC. You can enter our program as a freshman, sophomore or haveat least two years remaining at Rutgers as an undergrad or graduate student. Wealso have programs for those Rutgers students who are currently serving in theNational Guard or Army Reserves as enlisted soldiers and want to becomeofficers.

We at Rutgers Army ROTC challenge you to join our program. If you have whatit takes and seek opportunity to learn new skills, develop and exerciseleadership abilities, test your mettle against your peers, and join a group ofextraordinary young Americans who want more out of their college experience,then stop by, email or give us a call.

Army ROTC is a great place to start either for a few years or a full careerin uniform, but whatever you choose--- Army ROTC will teach you leadershipexcellent for a lifetime!

Interested? Contact our Recruiting Operations Officer at (732) 932-7313extension 11.

Accept the Challenge. Join our ranks.

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Rutgers University has a long history with the Army going back to itsfounders, 75% of whom served with George Washington during the RevolutionaryWar. 

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