Princeton University

Cadet Joe Holliday trying to stay dry while crossing a river at Fort Indiantown Gap

Cadet Bowers, Nursing Student, TCNJ

Lion Company Commander

Cadet Bowers, a senior nursing student at TCNJ graduates in May 2006.  Her first duty assignment is at Fort Belvoir, VA

Cadet Niesen, Princeton University

Battalion Logistics Officer

Cadet Niesen, now a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAR serves with the 98th Division as an Assistant Public Affairs Officer.

Cadet Lambe

Battalion Personnel Officer

Cadet Lambe will graduate in June of 2006 and will report to Fort Eustis, Virginia for training as a Transportation Officer.  Stephen is one of several cadets who is Airborne qualified


Cadet Siegle, Princeton University


Cadet Rawlings

Battalion Operations Officer

Cadet McCartney