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The NIU Army ROTC program has a long and successful tradition of training and preparing cadets

A Company Formation During the Fall 1974 Field Training Exercise

The NIU Army ROTC program has a long and successful tradition of training and preparing cadets

NIU Through The Years

The Northern Illinois University Huskie ROTC Battalion has been providing quality leadership to the US Army (including the Illinois Army National Guard) for over forty years. We take pride in the success of our past and present Cadets, and are sure that our Cadets of the future will continue to uphold the high standards which have been established. NIU will continue to develop the leaders of tomorrow and the future remains bright for the Battalion and our Cadets.

The Huskie Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia

The NIU ROTC Huskie Battalion was established by Department of the Army General Order number 81 on 17 December 1968. Northern Illinois University granted the ROTC program its current academic status as the Department of Military Science in 1969, and we have commissioned over 400 Lieutenants in the past forty years.

Initially, the Huskie Battalion was part of the ROTC program based at Wheaton College, Lieutenant Colonel Raymond B. Huntington was assigned as the Professor of Military Science, and our offices were located at 235 Normal Road. On 2 July 1969, we moved to Williston Hall. When classes began on 15 September 1969, the Department offered ten credit hours in Military Science and we had eighty-three cadets enrolled. This initial group of Huskie ROTC Cadets resulted in the Battalion commissioning our first 16 Lieutenants in the Spring of 1971.

In 1983, the Department became an academic element in the College of Professional Studies, and in 1986, the University approved and began to bestow a minor in Military Science along side other degrees. As we moved into the 1990s, the Department” academic curriculum expanded to 28 credit hours with up to four additional hours available in Physical Education. In 1995, the College of Professional Studies became the Department of Health and Human Sciences and the ROTC program moved to the Pottinger House at 520 College View Court. As the Department of Health and Human Sciences transformed into the College of Health and Human Sciences, the ROTC remained a stalwart element of the newly formed College.

In 2004, the Department of Military Science moved to our current location in the Chick Evans Fieldhouse and we continue to refine our academic and leadership curriculum.

The Huskie Battalion Crest or Distinctive Unit Insignia represents more than just the organization in its current form. The overall shape resembles a shield which has long symbolized protection for fighting men. On this shield there is the gauntlet, a leather glove covered with a metal plate, which represents the strength and discipline of the unit. The lightning bolts embody the swiftness and power of our Cadets as they maneuver both on campus and the battlefield. Note that the gauntlet grips the lightning symbolizing that ours is not blind power, but power controlled by discipline. The Huskie figures prominently on the shield as a reminder that we are an integral part of Northern Illinois University and our complete dedication to the school. The motto “DUCTOS PER SCIENTIAM” translates roughly to “LEADERSHIP THROUGH KNOWLEDGE”, and serves as a reminder that we are committed first and foremost to gain an education at University that we will continue to use throughout life.