Minnesota State University Mankato
ROTC will constantly keep you moving and learning. Here you see Cadets on a Squad tactical mission at Spring FTX.

Engaging Training

ROTC will constantly keep you moving and learning. Here you see Cadets on a Squad tactical mission at Spring FTX.

Minnesota State University, Mankato has been teaching leadership since 1979. The quality of training and the leadership education is better than it has ever been and it continues to improve.

The Minnesota State University, Mankato ROTC program began as a detachment from the University of Minnesota. The additional program was part of a program called “expand the base”, which was designed to get ROTC out to more colleges. After considerable debate and negotiation on the MSU campus during school year 1979-1980, the Student Senate voted to accept the introduction of ROTC to MSU and approval of the curriculum was granted by MSU administration in May of 1980. The first Cadre member to arrive at MSU was SFC Donald Jordan in April of 1980. He laid the administrative ground work for the establishment of the Department of Military Science.

The First Class

ROTC instruction began on time in September, 1980 with a total enrollment of 48 cadets. Courses were conducted with MS I, MSII, MSIII, and MSIV classes. The six students who initiated the introduction of ROTC at MSU were commissioned in June of 1981.

The MSU ROTC program becomes a Battalion

In 1986, the MSU ROTC program was moved from detachment status to a Battalion when the U.S Army Cadet Command was organized. A year later the program spent 10,000 school dollars to build a rappel tower that is used frequently by the Cadets and Students to this day.

The Future

With our Army engaged in operations all over the world, there is an ever-growing need for quality and capable leaders. The MSU ROTC program has  90 enrolled Cadets, and more and more are joining every semester. We don’t take just anybody, but if you have the will to succeed and the right tools, you can be part of one of the best programs in the country. Our Battalion won the “most improved Battalion” award in 2009, which was a reflection of our Cadets performance at LDAC and other graded factors. Be part of the future of MSU ROTC and you will surely succeed in your military career and your life.