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Cadets participate in a variety of training events that are fun and exciting.

Cadet climbs down a rope ladder

Cadets participate in a variety of training events that are fun and exciting.

“ I think the best thing about ROTC is that you learn to be responsible, how to lead, and how to teach. You usually just can’t get those skills from a normal classroom environment. ”

Cadet Cody Griner, 


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Commissioning Ceremony

Each spring several cadets are commissioned into the United States Army in a joint commissioning ceremony with the Air Force. Friends, Family, the Indiana University President and other distinguished guests take part in the commissioning ceremony to acknowledge the culmination of four years of hardwork.

Intramural Activities

Besides ROTC sponsored events cadets are encouraged to get involved in campus activities year round. Every year the Pershing Rifles club is the colorguard for the Indiana University football and basketball games. Cadets also participate in the homecoming festivities by marching in the homecoming parade in uniform with equipment. In addition cadets are highly involved in intramural sports. In the past few years the Bison Battalion has fielded a flag football team, basketball teams, IU Sing team, and a men’s and women’s Little 500 bicycle racing teams.  Cadets are encouraged to take full advantage of being a student at Indiana University just like other students.

The Scabbard and Blade Society

This program focuses on exposing these future leaders to a wide variety of resources that are based on the Five Star qualities. We do not intend to teach a member a specific curriculum on “how to lead” — but instead, we encourage members to diversify themselves in knowledge and become the officer they want to be. The Indiana University Chapter of Scabbard and Blade was founded by cadets Ben Krebs and Clayton Cullen.