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2LT Paul Miranda, Drexel University ROTC, Alumni

Commissioned in 2009, U.S Army, Corps of Engineers

"To me, being an Officer in the United States Army is one of the greatest privileges as an American. A great NCO once told me that I am leading America’s greatest treasures, its sons and daughters. After hearing those words, there’s no wonder why Officers are given such a high amount of responsibility. To be a good officer means being disciplined, coping with large amounts of stress, and putting your unit’s well being before your own. The ROTC program here at Drexel teaches cadets how to take on that responsibility and how to become a good officer. Drexel University’s Army ROTC program has been a great experience because of the environment the Cadre surrounds the Cadets in. The Cadre is always pushing the Cadets to better themselves through all dimensions of personal development and officer development. Although it is still early in my career, I am very confident that ROTC has prepared me for the challenges I will face in the Army and my future. If deciding to become an Officer was the best decision in my life, then taking ROTC at Drexel would be a very close second."

Mr. Robert R. Buckley

  • Received Bachelor's from Drexel University- 1958
  • Served as Engineer officer in Germany
  • Drexel Board of Directors and Trustee
  • Drexel Hall of Fame

Mr. George F. Krall

  • Received Bachelor's from Drexel University- 1958
  • Served as Ordinance officer in Japan
  • Former president and CEO of Mebane Packaging Group
  • Drexel Trustee and Investment Committee Member

MG (Ret.) William F. Burns

  • Received Bachelor's from LaSalle University- 1954
  • Former Director, U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
  • Former Special Envoy to Russia for nuclear Dismantlement
  • President of U.S. Army War College Foundation

MG (Ret.) Felix A. Santoni

  • Received Bachelor's from University of Pennsylvania - 1955
  • Appointed aide to the Secretary of the Army for Puerto Rico

MG (Ret.) John K. Stoner Jr.

  • Received Bachelor's from Drexel Institute of Technology - 1951
  • Later became the first Commanding General of Communications and Electronic Materiel Readiness Command (CERCOM) - 1978


BG Walter T. Lord

  • Received Bachelor's from LaSalle University- 1986
  • Deputy Commanding General-Support, 28th Infantry Division, Pennsylvania Army National Guard

Mr. Andrew Exum

  • Received Bachelor's from University of Pennsylvania - 2000
  • Author of This Man's Army- 2004
  • Civilian advisor to General McChrystal in Afghanistan
  • Founder of Counterinsurgency blog, Abu Muqawama