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Cadets moving as a squad through a one mile obstacle course while competing against other squads.

Obstacle Course – Leadership Development

Cadets moving as a squad through a one mile obstacle course while competing against other squads.

“ ROTC gives me leadership training that’ s hard to find anywhere else. ”

Alexander Thomson, Hamburg, NJ


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Commissioning Ceremony and “Silver Dollar Salute”

At the end of both the Spring and Fall semester several cadets arecommissioned in the United States Army during ceremonies held on the ClemsonUniversity Campus.  Tillman hall is the site of commissioning ceremoniesand the Cadet Mold (seen below) in Clemson’s Military Heritage Plaza is theplace of a lot of heritage related to commissioning.  Newly commissionedlieutenants will walk thru the mold and pause to think of their future andthose who have preceded them.  They will then exit left and receive theirfirst salute from a non-commissioned officer and present them with a silverdollar.


Ranger Club

The Clemson Rangers is an all volunteer unit that is affiliated with theArmy ROTC. The club is open for membership to all Clemson University studentswith no ROTC commitment. The purpose of the club is to challenge studentsphysically and academically, promote self-confidence, increase leadershipcapability, increase military knowledge, and promote overall professionalismand integrity. Some activities and benefits the Clemson Rangers sponsor and/orparticipate in include:

  • Leadership Training
  • Discipline Training
  • Physical Fitness Enhancement
  • Time Management Skills
  • Team Camaraderie Development
  • Rappelling
  • Weapons Safety and Firing
  • Small Unit Infantry Tactics/CQB
  • Combat Survival Training
  • Advance 1st Aid
  • Advance Demolitions


The club meets biweekly in the mornings for physical fitness training,bimonthly for administration meetings, and as scheduled for field trainingexercises at Clemson area training sites and other military installations.

Membership in the club is attained by completing a (3) three-weekindoctrination phase followed by a series of tests concentrating on physicalfitness and specific military knowledge. During the indoctrination phase, thoseprospective members are instructed and trained in areas of physical developmentand knowledge acquisition with additional help being provided as needed. Thisindoctrination phase is conducted in the beginning of the fall semester withthe remainder of the academic year dedicated to training all members.

If you are interested, feel free toe-mailthe club.


Pershing Rifles

"The purpose of Pershing Rifles is to foster a spiritof friendship and cooperation among the men in the military department andmaintain a highly efficient drill company." --as stated by General JohnJoseph Pershing.

Chartered March 19, 1946, Company C-4 has a long tradition of excellence.Most recently this includes National Drill meet Champions in 1999, 2003, and 2005. Performing at functions throughout the Nation, the drill team andcolor guard have distinguished themselves.

Members distinguish themselves in drill and ceremonies, Rifle Drill andColor Guard. Membership is open to all students at Clemson University. Thedistinctive uniform of Company C-4, Pershing Rifles, at Clemson University wentto the 2006 national drill meet and won overall first place along with thefollowing awards:

  • 1st place inspection
  • 1st place fancy squad
  • 1st place regulation squad
  • 2nd, 3rd in fancy individual
  • Best commander
  • Best company


Each past company has contributed to the reputation and success of the unit– as will each successive unit. Although small in number, Company C-4 willalways continue to strive for excellence in all it does.

If you are interested, feel free toe-mailthe club.


Tiger Platoon

Open to all University students, Army and Air Force ROTC

Purpose: Provide an opportunity to all students interested in practicingdrill and ceremonies.

The first Clemson A&M College Fancy Drill Platoon was organized in thespring of 1929 by Cadet Frank Burdick Farr, class of 1930. The Citadel had adrill platoon that competed at ROTC summer camp with platoons from otherschools. Farr’s brother, a Citadel cadet, told him that the only way to settlethe argument on who was best was for Clemson to organize a platoon and competewith the Citadel Platoon at camp.

In the spring of 1929, Cadet Farr was the highest ranking junior Cadet atClemson. He called for members of the junior class to try out for the platoonand about 150 reported for the competition. The platoon consisted of fivesquads of eight men each, two guies, a leader, and an alternate squad of eightmen. Fifty-one members were chosen by competitive drills. At ROTC camp in thesummer of 1929, the drill platoons of all fourth Corps area schools competed.The Clemson Platoon won the area championship. The purpose of the platoon wasaccomplished. However, instead of disbanding, the members decided to remainorganized and put on exhibition drills.

The movements the platoon used were derived from the old Infantry DrillRegulation’s Manual which is quite different from the drill used by the Armysince 1939. New movements were added each year until the entire group ofmovements required over 15 minutes to complete. Clemson’s Senior Platoon hadthe enviable reputation of being the only one of its kind in the United States.During the early 30’s, the platoon was referred to as The Fancy Prize DrillPlatoon or the Junior Platoon. In 1934, the name Clemson Senior Platoon wasadopted. From 1929 through 1960, the Senior Platoon played an important role inClemson’s activities. Its purpose was to provide entertainment and to publicizeClemson.

As the years passed, the Senior Platoon grew in popularity as Clemson’sfootball fortunes improved. The Platoon drilled from Boston to Dallas to Miamiand New Orleans. Drills were also performed in New York City; Baltimore, MD;and Washington, DC. Events where drills were performed included football gamesfeaturing the New York Giants vs. the Washington Redskins, the Cotton Bowl inDallas, the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, and the Orange Bowl in Miami; baseballgames included the New York Yankees vs. the Detroit Tigers at which the Dukeand Duchess of Windsor were present; festivals such the Azalea Festival inCharleston; and drills at most home football games and a number of away games.In 1960, the Clemson Senior Platoon was discontinued due to lack of studentinterest. In the fall of 2000 it was reformed.

Scabbard and Blade Club

The Scabbard and Blade organization represents the highestmilitary fraternity at Clemson University. The purpose of this organization isto promote interest in the military and to promote a closer relationshipbetween the students and the military departments. Membership in Scabbard andBlade is open to a select number of Army and Air Force cadets not to exceed thetop 10% of the Corps of Cadets. New members are selected by active individualqualities of leadership ability and exemplary character.

K Company’s core of activities revolve around the professional developmentof its members and the Clemson Corps or Cadets. Our activities range fromhosting speaking engagements featuring military professionals from all servicesand ranks as well as political and defense specialists. We are the keepers ofthe History of the Clemson Corps at Clemson University. We provide watch overall the historical monuments that are dedicated to the cadets who have passedthrough the pillars of excellence into the Armed Forced of the UnitedStates.

Each year, K-Co sponsors the annual Clemson University Scabbard and BladeMilitary Ball. This evening of formal dinner and dance is held in the spring ofeach school year.

If you are interested, feel free toe-mailthe club.