Bucknell University
2017 Bison Battalion Ranger Challenge Prepares to compete in Annual 2nd BDE Ranger Challenge Competition.


2017 Bison Battalion Ranger Challenge Prepares to compete in Annual 2nd BDE Ranger Challenge Competition.

LT Brian Rice

Susquehanna University '16

"ROTC provided an opportunity to receive an education and also serve my country. It assisted in alleviating the financial burden of college and the difficulties of finding employment following graduation, allowing me to place a greater focus on my studies. In addition, ROTC introduced me to a separate group of peers outside of my other classes. These peers challenged me to improve myself physically, mentally, and tactically in order to be competitive. Choosing to join ROTC, particularly the Bison Battalion, was instrumental in developing me for my future military and eventual civilian careers."

LT Andrew Sickora

Bloomsburg University ‘17

"The experiences I've gained in college and ROTC have prepared me to stay calm in stressful situations and to not overthink my decisions. If you have decided on a plan of action, don't second-guess yourself because that's when you will run into problems and begin to mess up. By just executing the decision you made, you will be more confident in yourself and then can reflect on the outcome of what happened."

LT Ryan Johnson

Bucknell University ‘16

"The Bucknell ROTC program provided me with incredible opportunities to improve my leadership skills both as a Cadet and as a Student-Athlete. The program instills discipline, work ethic, and technical knowledge into its Cadets, which creates successful United States Army Officers. I am forever grateful for the life lessons I learned, and friends I made in the program. Fly Army!"

LT Marie Micca

Bloomsburg University ‘15

Attended the Military Police Basic Officer Leader Course (MPBOLC) and achieved the highest Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score. Maria is currently assigned the 503d Military Police Battalion (Airborne) in Fort Bragg, NC. She served as a Platoon Leader in the 108th Military Police Company (Airborne/ Air Assault), the Army's only Airborne/ Air Assault Military Police Company. During that time she led her Platoon in a Joint Exercise with the 82nd Airborne Division when they jumped into Joint Base Lewis McCord, WA for an airfield seizure. The company is assigned the Global Response Force, prepared to deploy in 96 hours in support of XVIII Airborne Corps war on terrorism. She is currently their Executive Officer (XO) resourcing the Company while they execute their Law Enforcement mission. Maria is also preparing a Platoon for a Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) rotation in Fort Polk, LA. She has earned her Airborne and Air Assault wings, graduated from the Army's Advanced Airborne School, and is a novice rated Jumpmaster. She is currently 5 jumps away from becoming a Senior Rated Jumpmaster.

Quentin Backstrom

Bucknell University ‘17

"I would say that overall my time with the Bison Battalion left me well prepared to jump straight into training after graduation. The way that our PT schedules adhered to the Army PRT program allowed me to organize and lead PT during BOLC with relative ease. I never felt that I was behind the power curve in terms of FTX tactics and general domain knowledge when compared with my peers in BOLC."