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Basic Combat Training (BCT)

Follow the ten-week evolution from civilian to Soldier. BCT is where recruits discover physical and mental strength and learn what it takes to become a Soldier.

Intelligence soldier looking at multiple computer screens

Army Web Apps

Here you will find fun and interesting web apps that can teach you more about the U.S. Army. Learn to identify Soldier ranks, convert from civilian to military time, or communicate like a Soldier.

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Soldiers conducting field training


Put the Army right on your computer's desktop.

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Army Social Networks

Army Social Networks

Can't get enough about the Army? Want to show your support for the greatest Army in the world? Check out the Army's official fan pages on some of the most popular social networking Web sites.

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Beat your high score with these fun Army games.

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America's Army Proving Grounds

America's Army

America’s Army: Proving Grounds is the latest installment in the U.S. Army’s popular small unit tactics simulation series.

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Satellite Communication System Operator SGT Jamers


Download the latest mp3 Army ringtones directly to your mobile phone.

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Soldiers conducting workout routines during physical training.

Physical Training Guide

Take a look at the interactive Physical Training guide or download one for yourself.

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