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Achieving air superiority is a crucialelement in protecting our Nation’s troops on the battlefield.

The United States Army’s Air Defense Artillery specializes in the use of antiaircraft weapons that protect ground forces from aerial and missile attacks, as well as enemy surveillance.

As an Air and Missile Defense Crewmember, you will learn to employ air defense systems that engage hostile airborne targets.

This Military Occupational Specialty is open to enlisted men and women who are physically and mentally fit to perform under pressure.

Being able to detect, track, intercept, and destroy incoming threats requires advanced knowledge of highly sophisticated computer controlled weapons systems.

Each Air and Missile Defense, or AMD crewmember, is trained to operate and fire the Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar or C-RAM, the Avenger weapon system, and the Man Portable Air Defense System known as MANPADS.

The C-RAM is a rapid-fire, radar-guided 20 millimeter gun that protects critical assets on the ground from indirect fire attack by rockets, artillery and mortars.

The Avenger is a highly mobile surface to air missile fire unit equipped with eight Stinger missiles. This shoot-on-the-move air defense system uses infrared targeting to take down low flying helicopters, planes and cruise missiles.

MANPADS operates as a shoulder-fired heat seeking surface-to-air missile, or SAM. AMD crewmembers are also trained to establish radio communications, track incoming targets, perform target engagement evaluation, and prepare systems for firing.

To become an AMD crewmember, Soldiers must be eligible for a Secret Clearance, and earn a qualifying score on the ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. Job training takes place at the U.S. Army Defense Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Soldiers will receive 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with onthe- job instruction.

While in training, Soldiers will spend time in the classroom, and in the field under simulated combat conditions. The training and skills that Soldiers acquire as an AMD Crewmember can lead to positions of greater responsibility in the Army and will continue to benefit the Soldier after their service as they enter the civilian work sector.

The Credentialing Opportunities On- Line, or COOL website helps Army Service members find information on certifications and lic enses related to their jobs.

The Army depends upon this agile and adaptive ground-based arms to provide the final line of defense against airbased threats

Become a part of the world’s most versatile Fires Force – Military Occupational Specialty: Air and Missile Defense Crewmember.

Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember (14P)

  • Enlisted
  • Officer
  • Active Duty
  • Army Reserve
  • National Guard
  • Entry Level


The Air and Missile Defense Crewmember operates and maintains three of the Army’s surface-to-air advanced weapons systems, which provide mobile, short-range air defense protection against cruise missiles and other threats.

The crewmember is responsible for transporting and maintaining several weapons systems, including the counter-rocket artillery and mortar, and the Avenger missile system. He is also responsible for reloading and resupplying these weapons systems as well as tracking, identifying and destroying ground-based enemy threats.

Job Duties

  • Movement and placement of the C-RAM, STINGER (MANPADS), and AVENGER weapons systems in various locations and environments
  • Operate C-RAM, STINGER, and AVENGER electronic, hydraulic, radar and mechanical components
  • Perform maintenance on the C-RAM, STINGER and AVENGER systems
  • Perform target engagement evaluations; operate “friend or foe” identification equipment
  • Load, fire and reload missile and gun systems
  • Transport, prepare, reload and resupply missiles and ammunition
  • Establish and maintain, digital, radio and wire communications


Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you.


Job training for an Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Crewmember requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and in the field under simulated combat conditions. 

Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

  • Operate C-RAM, STINGER and AVENGER weapon systems and vehicles over various terrain
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components
  • Navigate terrain using maps, compass and GPS devices
  • Utilize digital communications equipment to receive target information and engagement orders
  • Visually and electronically Identify and engage enemy targets
  • Ammunition handling procedures
  • Air Defense Artillery tactics, techniques, procedures and air battle strategy

Helpful Skills

  • Readiness to accept a challenge and face danger
  • Physically and mentally fit to perform under pressure
  • Ability to multi-task and remain calm under pressure
  • Ability to work as a team member

Required ASVAB Score(s)

Operators & Food (OF): 95

Learn more about the ASVAB and see what jobs you could qualify for.


Total compensation includes housing, medical, food, special pay, and vacation time. Learn more about total compensation.

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You could earn up to $40,000 in cash bonuses just for enlisting under certain Military Occupational Specialties. Visit Jobs in Demand to see if this job qualifies for an enlistment bonus.

Education Benefits

In the Army, qualified students can earn full-tuition, merit-based scholarships, allowances for books and fees, plus an annual stipend for living expenses. Learn more about education benefits.

Future Civilian Careers

While there is no direct job equivalent in civilian life, the skills you learn such as teamwork, discipline and leadership will help you in any civilian career you choose.


Those interested in this job may be eligible for civilian employment, after the Army, by enrolling in the Army PaYS program. The PaYS program is a recruitment option that guarantees a job interview with military friendly employers that are looking for experienced and trained Veterans to join their organization. Find out more about the Army PaYS Program at


  • AT&T, Inc.
  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
  • Sears Holdings Corporation
  • Time Customer Service, Inc.
  • Walgreen Co.