Recruits line up for inspection during the first phase of Basic Combat Training


Those armed with more than good intentions. Those ready to put ideas into action. To take their skills and hone them. To take their knowledge and apply it. To make themselves into a modern, ready and unbeatable fighting force.


We Fight For What's Right

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) isn’t just a division of the United States Army; the “Screaming Eagles” is also the world’s only air assault division. Its members stand up for what's right even when they’re fast-roping into danger. They’re among the first to step up and set things right, which now, more than ever, is increasingly valuable in a world full of threats to our nation. Their courage and integrity not only sets them apart; it’s also part of a set of values hardwired into every Soldier.

Fighting for what's right with honor, integrity and certitude, this elite light infantry division, comprised of Soldiers from nearly every military occupational specialty in the Army, has a distinct character and a proud history in both war and peace. Focused on achieving results and continuous modernization, freedom has followed in the footsteps of the Screaming Eagles. These air warriors are not limited to assaulting “right down through the skies of blue.” They are also skilled warriors and diplomats, engaging in peacekeeping, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance missions around the world.

From the moment one puts on the Screaming Eagle patch, they’re overcome with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. A division with unmatched status and history, the Screaming Eagles’ motto—“Rendezvous with Destiny”—has rung true for decades. It’s why every Soldier in this legendary division is deeply committed to honoring and preserving its future, ensuring they live up to the prestige and reputation of both the division and the greater U.S. Army.

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The Night Stalkers: Don't Stop Until The Mission Is Complete

Tackling the impossible to protect and preserve the American way of life is something few can and will ever do. But those who join the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)—from the Aviators to the Electronic Warfare Specialists—never stop fighting the fights that matter. It’s one of the many reasons every Soldier in the 160th lives by the motto “Night Stalkers Don’t Quit.”

To many, joining the Army becomes more than a job or a career. It becomes a life’s purpose. As the only special ops aviation unit in the entire Army, these Soldiers, known as the “Night Stalkers,” know what it means to have not just the mission, but the lives of their fellow Soldiers in their hands. Recognized for their proficiency in nighttime operations, they face the enemy head-on, in hostile environments anywhere in the world, armed with the latest tech, weaponry and tactical equipment, making them part of the most lethal combat-ready force on the planet.

With an insatiable drive, intensity and a never-quit mentality, the aviation warriors that make up the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment have a storied history and a legendary lineage of taking on the Nation’s riskiest missions. To this day, they don’t just go where most people wouldn’t dare to go. They advance with unparalleled precision.

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“Rangers Lead the Way!” isn’t just the motto of the 75th Ranger Regiment, it’s a fact. Ultimate leaders in combat—as well as mental, moral and physical role models—the Army Rangers are the tip of the spear, leading units through the most hostile environments in the world, all the while inspiring fellow Soldiers to do better on and off the battlefield. Working in the shadows and attacking by land, sea, or air with deadly results, the Ranger Regiment is the nation's go-to force for lightning-fast direct action raids that take them deep inside enemy territory.

Living by the Ranger Creed, which embodies their philosophy, spirit, discipline and duty, Army Rangers are volunteer warriors who fully understand the risks of their chosen field. Leading their squads on missions armed with more than good intentions, they are a lethal and ready elite force, capable of split-second decisions, extreme focus and superhuman endurance. It’s no wonder becoming a Soldier in the U.S. Army’s premier large-scale special operations force is a distinction only few will ever experience.

Capable of capturing or killing high-value targets anywhere in the world, Soldiers in the 75th Ranger Regiment possess the utmost in mental toughness, physical fitness, moral character and self-motivation. With a proven track record for expertly engaging the enemy in close combat and excelling in air assaults, special reconnaissance, hostage recovery, clandestine insertion and site exploitation, Army Rangers have a storied history that predates the American Revolution and a Warrior Ethos that continues to pave the way to triumph.

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Most will never know the sacrifices made by Soldiers in the Army Special Forces, but the world benefits from their many victories. This unique unit of 12-man teams does more than what’s depicted in the movies. Highly trained in unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, counterterrorism and special reconnaissance, the Army Green Berets never fail to complete the most difficult and classified missions for our nation, often in the most dangerous of places.

Known as the “Quiet Professionals,” Green Berets get the job done without leaving a trace—all while working hard, training hard and depending on each other to carry out critical operations worldwide. They live by the idea that the standard is not good enough, because doing something isn’t only about getting it done; it’s about exceeding expectations and relentlessly pushing to be the best. Using innovation and resourcefulness, Green Berets embody the ultimate in resilience, refusing to accept defeat at any point during a mission. Without a doubt, Soldiers within these ranks are our Nation’s most elite warriors.

With unmatched courage, ultimate professionalism and an allegiance to run towards danger to do what must be done, Green Berets live and breathe by the credo “De Oppresso Liber” - Liberate the Oppressed. They go deep behind enemy lines to execute village stability operations, train and assist partnered forces, eliminate threats and gather critical intelligence. Their unstoppable ability to maintain success is rooted in strategic ingenuity and has shaped history as we know it.

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