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    04.21.2015 - I am joining  the army reserves, I would like to join as a 12b combat engineer. Can someone tell me if there are an...

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    05.23.2014 - Ok...for all you geardos out there....stop buying multicam (even though it would barely be different from what you will ...

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    04.21.2015 - I am curious as to what the regulations are for a NCO to date a PFC. Located on the same base, but have completely diffe...

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  • Will I pass my MEPS drug test tomorrow?

    04.20.2015 - So, I started talking with my recruiter in early February. Prior to that I was a very heavy pot smoker for about 2 years...

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  • Are there any kind of waivers or ways around the Business Rules for prior service people?

    04.09.2015 -      Hello, I am a recently separated Marine (honorable dishcharge with an RE code of 1A) and I'm lo...

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  • Lazy recruiters?

    04.21.2015 - Good evening, Who would I talk to about the local Army Reserve recruiters refusing to do a DD Form 368 for me to get re...

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  • How is Ft. Jackson?

    04.18.2015 - I'm shipping off to Ft. Jackson on the 28th of this month and I was wondering how is BCT there. Im kind of nervous

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  • Average pt score?

    04.20.2015 - I did 52 push ups in one minute with my recruiter. Is that good?

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  • Army National Guard in college with DUI

    04.20.2015 - My son is a sophomore in college with a GPA above a 3.0 and one of the highest ASVAB scores the ROTC program has seen,98...

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  • pt push ups

    04.20.2015 - So i really want to join up its just that the pt is the part thats holding me back. Im in alright shape not over weight ...

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2nd Lieutenant Tara Johnson - Dietitian (Reserve)

My name is Tara Beth Johnson - I'm a Lieutenant. My area of concentration is a 65-Charlie, a Dietitian, and my reserve unit is the 6253rd U.S. Army Hospital, Mesa, Arizona.

When I was Active Duty I had a bad attitude about Reservists and Guardsmen because I thought, "Oh, they're part-time, they don't care," but it's totally different.

When you're Active Duty, that's your only job, but when you're a Reservist, you have your civilian career and you have your Reserve career, which you have to manage. We have a lot of continuing education to remain dietitians.

I think being in the military made me a more disciplined person than I ever was before. Being an Officer to me is something that I had aspired to for a long time and it was really a very proud moment when my husband and my mother-in-law pinned my bars on me.

As an Army Reserve Dietitian a lot of what we do is the Weigh-to-Stay Program, helping Soldiers keep their weight in control so they can stay in the Army and it gets to be a problem with Reservists because you only see them, you know, that one time a month at Drill and what they're doing during the month may not be helping them get to that goal and so it's really trying to help people with that and modify their eating habits.

I work with the physical therapists, getting an exercise program together because they definitely fit together: exercise and diet.

What we do when we're activated, we go to Active Duty hospitals and backfill for that hospital while they get deployed. I take cooking classes because it's not enough to just tell people, "You need to eat healthy, you need this many fruits, this many vegetables."

You really have to apply that to them and especially if they've grown up in a household where healthy cooking was not stressed. It's foreign to them, so they really have to see that these foods can be prepared in a way that tastes good.