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About the Army
Soldiers working on computers.


You will become a Soldier after you attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) and complete Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to learn your Army job skills. After that, you’ll take part in a variety of Ongoing Training opportunities. You will be physically and mentally prepared to face even the most difficult mission.

Soldiers climbing cargo net obstacle

Basic Combat Training (BCT)

BCT is nine of the toughest weeks you’ll go through — but it’s also extremely rewarding. See how BCT transforms recruits into some of the toughest Soldiers in the world, with a strength of body and mind.


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Soldiers training in classroom.

Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

AIT is where, as a Soldier, you’ll learn all you need to perform your Army job. Through hands-on training and field instruction, you’ll leave AIT ready to become a valuable part of the Army team.


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Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training consists of Leadership Training, Unit Training and Specialized Schools. All of this training and education results in even stronger Soldiers and leaders.


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Careers & Jobs

The Army has more jobs — in more exciting fields — than you would ever expect. Since there are over 150 jobs available, each Soldier plays an integral role in the Army’s success. From working with computers to assisting doctors to fixing helicopters, there’s an Army job right for you.

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Search Careers & Jobs

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Search Careers & Jobs

Browse Careers & Jobs

See the large variety of careers and jobs the Army offers; just choose a category that best matches your interests.



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