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About the Army
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Basic Combat Training is the first main training course of your Army Career. There, you will undergo the mental and physical conditioning required to become a Soldier. After you graduate, you'll move on to Advance Individualized Training, where you'll learn how to perform your chosen specialty. But your training doesn't end there.

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Basic Combat Training (BCT)

BCT, known as "basic" is a nine-week course designed to give you a foundation as an Army Soldier. During this course, you will learn how to rappel from a tower, operate a firearm, and you'll receive field instruction and undergo physical conditioning that will help you in your military career.

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Advanced Individual Training (AIT)

During AIT, you will get hands-on training in the career path you have chosen. This training will not only prove useful to your ultimate role within your unit, but you will also be able to apply the skills you learn to your civilian career.

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Ongoing Training

As a Soldier, you will have many opportunities to attend leadership courses and other specialized schools that will help you grow your Army career, and increase your skill set for life in the civilian world.

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Careers & Jobs

The Army has more jobs in more exciting fields than you may expect. Choose from more than 150 jobs, each a practical necessity in any Army unit. Whether you want to write computer software, fix a tank, or fly a helicopter, there's an Army job for you.

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See the large variety of careers and jobs the Army offers. Choose a category that best matches your interests.

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