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STEM Experience Tour Schedule

May 12
NSU High School Robotics Competition
Natchiloches, LA
May 16
Fort Jackson Victory Week
Fort Jackson, S.C., STEM Van
May 22Riverfest
Little Rock, AK
June 16-21
Steve Harvey Foundation
Dallas Mentoring Camp, Little Elm, TX
June 26-30
JROTC-JLAB National Championship Competition
Washington, D.C.
June 27
3H Anniston Haritage Music Festival
Anniston, AL

(Captions) The year: 2032 Civil unrest threatens to overthrow governments throughout Europe. The world is on the brink of chaos.

Breaking: Terrorists claim responsibility for bombing

Male News Anchor: A group of antigovernment extremist calling themselves “The Hands… Male News Anchor: themselves ‘The Hands of Liberation’ have claimed responsibility for a recent attack.

Female News Anchor: US Intelligence forces have intercepted packages sent to government officials in London. Female News Anchor: Reported to contain highly lethal chemicals and in one instance explosives. Female Reporter: There appears to have been an explosion…

(Captions) U.S. Army Tactical Operations Center 30 km northwest of Belgrade

All right team, we’re in the middle of a high threat scenario. Due to our partnership with the EU and because of our advanced technology’s we’ve been asked to take the lead here.

Your mission is to design and deploy cutting edge equipment to enable our Soldiers to survey the area, determine the scope of this chemical threat and stabilize the current environment while ensuring civilian safety, now it’s up to you and your team.

(Captions) It will take courage It will take commitment We’re counting on you Join the team at