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Two ways to serve: Active Duty or Reserve component

Active Duty is similar to working at a full-time civilian job. The Army Reserve component, consisting of the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard, is more like a part-time job that lets you remain productive in the civilian world while also serving your country.

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Officer Benefits


Regardless of their field of expertise, all Army officers benefit from long-term career stability and competitive pay.

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Officer Careers


Honor, integrity and personal courage are values Army officers embody in their pursuit of mission accomplishment and personal excellence. There are two kinds of officers in the U.S. Army: Commissioned Officer and Warrant Officer.

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four paths to becoming an army officer


There are four paths to becoming an officer in the world’s most powerful Army. Choose the one that best suits your career goals. No matter which you choose, you will learn to be an inspiring leader and an effective decision maker.

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Officer crest

Find Your Path

There are four key paths to becoming an officer in the U.S. Army. Discover which one is right for you.

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Soldiers looking at map


Find out more about becoming an officer in the U.S. Army, with links to more detailed descriptions on this site.

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