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general qualifications

  • You must be a U.S. citizen
  • You must be 17-35 years old
  • You must be in good physical condition
  • You must have a clean legal record
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED

Some positions may have additional qualifications.

Help Choosing a Career

Help Choosing a Career

With so many jobs available in the Army, you may need some help finding the one that best suits your skills and goals.

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Search Careers & Jobs

Search Careers & Jobs

Use our search tools to browse more than 150 Army careers.

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The Reserve Officer Training Corps can help college students earn a degree and a commission as a U.S. Army Officer. Students enroll in elective leadership courses at their college or university in addition to the courses required by their major. At graduation, students are commissioned as Army Second Lieutenants.

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Army Reserve

Army Reserve Soldiers receive many of the benefits of active duty Soldiers, but serve part-time, allowing them to earn money for college and an extra paycheck in addition to their civilian jobs.

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Specialized Careers

Looking for an Army career that fits your specific career goals? If you are interested in law, healthcare, seminary, or any number of career paths, the Army has a place for you.

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Army Signal Officer

Become an Officer

U.S. Army Officers embody honor and courage. They are charged with leading Soldiers, setting an example, and getting the job done. There are four paths to becoming an Officer in the Army.

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Army Civilian Careers

Civilians have always been a critical part of the Army mission. They have access to hundreds of military jobs in a variety of locations.

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Army Strong Stories



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Since I was five

My name is Martha Morales. I'm a Second Lieutenant in the Army. I have an HPSP dental scholarship, and I'm currently a student at the University of Illinois, at the Chicago College of Dentistry. The Army is paying for three out of my four years of dental school.

I've always wanted to be a dentist ever since I was five years old, but I've also always had an appreciation for the military, and I respect people who give back to their country. With this scholarship, I'm able to do both, serve my country and practice the profession that I love so much.

Practicing dentistry in the Army is just like practicing dentistry on the outside, except for in the Army you work in a group practice with other doctors, so you can learn from them, and also if you need to leave, and take a vacation or something, you know your patients are going to be taken care of.

The Army has the most advanced dental technology out there. If it's new and it's good, then the Army's going to have it.

They do a lot of implants, which is a new thing in dentistry.

And I'm really excited about implants because it replaces the missing tooth, and it matches the missing natural tooth that was lost.

This machine right here is a panoramic machine that takes digital radiographs. And digital radiographs is another thing that is very current in dentistry.

When I visit Army facilities, especially their workout facilities, I notice that they're really well equipped, and it's really exciting to know that I have access to all the equipment they have to offer.