• E1 through E5 will retain their grade and same date of rank.
  • All E5's and above will have grade and Military Occupational Specialty determined by EIS IAW with para 5 above (E5s will retain current rank, unless, current MOS is over strength and they refuse to retrain in an MOS that allows E5 entry level training).
  • Training — AFSCs or Rates that convert to Army MOS will attend Basic Combat Training. Retraining an into other Army MOS may be possible based on individual's qualifications and training vacancies.
  • Bonuses may be available for selected Military Occupational Specialties that convert from an AFSC or Rate.
  • Assignments — may be available for AFSC or Rate that convert to an Army MOS.


  • Officers will retain their grade and date of rank.
  • Officers will receive branch-specific training as needed.

Program Details

The Army is seeking qualified candidates for their Blue to Green program. Opportunities exist for commissioned officers, enlisted personnel and selected cadets from the Air Force and Navy interested in continuing their service to the military in the active Army.


  • Must be physically fit
  • Must meet Army height and weight standards
  • Minimum term of service is three years
  • Must have approved DD Form 368


Operation Blue to Green has been initiated. In order to provide additional information and updates to you on a timely basis, please fill out the Operation Blue to Green Information Form as you will receive additional detailed information the following duty day. Army recruiters are currently accepting applications and processing paperwork, and training seats are being reserved.