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LUTHER: Cintas partnered with the Army Partnership for the Youth Success a few years ago. And we decided it was the right thing to do to allow young people, after their first enlistment, to have an opportunity to interview with our company.

LITTLE: I really like the PaYS program because I think it gave me a little leg above the competition. I was able to utilize that program to get a job that suited me.

ROSE: We try to partner with a lot of different industries and companies. And have several different partnerships to help us to recruit top-notch candidates in a diverse group of candidates. And for us it's important that we have people that have experience with other companies that have different safety policies that are willing and motivated to step up and help us out with our policies and procedures. We're always looking for front line partners to give us ideas and I feel when we hire a Soldier that have these experiences that they can help us improve our business.

LITTLE: I think there's a lot similarities between being in the Army and working at CINTAS. Prior service men and women bring in attention to detail skills, being punctual, being able to interact with their co-workers, having leadership skills, knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to get the job done in a timely manner.

LUTHER: The leadership qualities that people are taught in the Army, the ability to work well with others from different walks of life and diverse life experiences--those are things that are very valuable to CINTAS, when they come to work for us on day one.

LITTLE: I think the best part of the PaYS Program is helping getting Army Soldiers that have gotten out, civilian jobs. And giving them the opportunity to be on a level playing field. So I think it will help smooth processing.

ROSE: And I think it's a great fit them, and I think it's also a great fit for us.

LUTHER: The Army PaYS program is a fantastic way for that young man or woman to set themselves up for success once they leave the service.