Total Compensation

Army health care, retirement pay and subsidized food, housing and education add up to an attractive salary package. Learn more about total Army compensation.

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From basic pay to special allowances, find out what you’ll earn as a Soldier.

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Education Benefits

Learn more about the Army programs that can help you pay for college, pay off existing student loans or earn college credit while on Active Duty.

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Health Care & Vacation

Learn about the comprehensive health care, low cost insurance and generous vacation time that the Army provides you and your family.

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Additional Incentives

Learn more about additional enlistment incentives and options the Army has to offer that you might qualify for.

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Soldier & Family Services

The Army takes care of your family as well. Learn more about the services, support groups, counseling and training available to Soldiers and their families.

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After the Army

Find out what programs are available to you after your service as a Soldier.

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Army Strong Stories



  • Enlisting at 17 Years Old

    04.15.2014 - After MEPs and enrolled. As being 17 years old. Do you get paid monthy while being reserved?

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  • Seeking 18F4V! (75th question)

    04.15.2014 - 1) I was wondering if 75th conducts any infantry missions today? 2) Do they only do SOCOM now? 3) How would one go ab...

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  • Military Police Question

    04.15.2014 - Hello, I'll be enlisting soon at 17 years old. Would i have the ability to have the MOS of Military Police reserved unti...

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  • Active Duty 11B Questions

    04.15.2014 - Hello, I am currently an E-3 in the Army National Guards. I leave for my training at the end of this month for Fort Benn...

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  • PS ANG Transfer to ARNG Officer

    04.14.2014 - Afternoon All,   I've done hours of Google and thread searching, but haven't seen anything in the recent months wi...

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  • can single parents join the armed forces?

    04.14.2014 - I have a doubt. I went to the local recruitment center, and I asked the recruiter at the office; being a single a parent...

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  • 2 January 2014 - Regular Army (RA) HRC Business Rules

    01.02.2014 - %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 021500 January 2014 (EST)   ...

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  • Can a college graduate enlist at a 31D?

    04.15.2014 - I've heard several times on multiple threats on this discussion board that 31D is not an entry level MOS. However I will...

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  • contacting a recruiter

    04.11.2014 - When should i contact a recruiter? I am finishing my junior year of highschool the june, and plan on going active duty. ...

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  • Ranger regiment qualification

    04.14.2014 - I recently took my asvab at meps and i got a gt of 101 now my dream is to join the 75th ranger regiment and i talked to ...

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Let The Army Help Pay For College

I'm Specialist Faye Taylor; I'm a 37 Foxtrot, Psychological Operations Specialist. I'm from Owensboro, Kentucky from a really large family of 15.

I actually had a lot of difficulty completing my degree before the Army and I lost all my scholarships and realized I got to get through school.

A recruiter told me about the Army. The educational benefits pretty much attracted me to the Army.

I talked to a lot of the counselors' here on-post. They directed me which way I should go, how I could get my education back on track. They were right there beside me and I got my bachelors degree.