Total Compensation

Army health care, retirement pay and subsidized food, housing and education add up to an attractive salary package. Learn more about total Army compensation.

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From basic pay to special allowances, find out what you’ll earn as a Soldier.

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Education Benefits

Learn more about the Army programs that can help you pay for college, pay off existing student loans or earn college credit while on Active Duty.

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Health Care & Vacation

Learn about the comprehensive health care, low cost insurance and generous vacation time that the Army provides you and your family.

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Additional Incentives

Learn more about additional enlistment incentives and options the Army has to offer that you might qualify for.

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Soldier & Family Services

The Army takes care of your family as well. Learn more about the services, support groups, counseling and training available to Soldiers and their families.

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After the Army

Find out what programs are available to you after your service as a Soldier.

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Army Strong Stories



  • 12Y with Option 40

    10.27.2014 - I reserved my MOS today and had the opportunity to sign for 12Y with option 40. I wasn't expecting to have that opportun...

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  • Martial Arts in the Army

    10.28.2014 - Is there Martial Arts in the army? And if so, who all has to do it? Is it just for special forces people

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  • PCSing for the VERY 1st time

    10.28.2014 - Hi all, My husband is currently doing AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA. His MOS is 25s and it is one of the ONLY MOS's where fami...

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  • Medical history

    10.28.2014 - When I was about 14 I broke four bones in my left foot, they all heeled fine and I can walk/run fine. When I go to MEPS ...

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  • Future Soldiers ?

    10.28.2014 - So I want to join the military, this decision has come a little late in my life as I am done with high school, never joi...

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  • second dependency?

    10.28.2014 - I am sorry if this is not the correct place but i am in desperate need of help. My husband is active duty army- we moved...

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  • Army ROTC Physical Fitness Test

    10.28.2014 - I am finishing my ROTC scholarship application. I have everything online completed aside from submiting my Physical Fitn...

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  • Recruiter pressuring me.

    10.28.2014 - I have decided to go to college and do ROTC in college for the Army. I have been hinting to tell my recruiter but he see...

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  • nervous about meps

    10.28.2014 - I broke my pinky finger about five Years ago I never went to doctor just let it heal on its on. Although, it is noticeab...

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  • Am I eligible or auto disqualified?

    10.28.2014 - Hello, I know many of you are tired of generic "Can I join" questions but I'm trying to see if I'm not automatically dis...

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Let The Army Help Pay For College

I'm Specialist Faye Taylor; I'm a 37 Foxtrot, Psychological Operations Specialist. I'm from Owensboro, Kentucky from a really large family of 15.

I actually had a lot of difficulty completing my degree before the Army and I lost all my scholarships and realized I got to get through school.

A recruiter told me about the Army. The educational benefits pretty much attracted me to the Army.

I talked to a lot of the counselors' here on-post. They directed me which way I should go, how I could get my education back on track. They were right there beside me and I got my bachelors degree.