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Technology That Heals: Army Uses Latest Technology for Patient Care

Army doctors are conducting cutting edge research. Learn how these Army physicia...

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Just Getting Started: Orthopedic Surgeon Conducts Innovative Research

As a healthcare professional in the Army, one may qualify for a full tuition sch...

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Triple Threat: Performing Patient Care, Research and Mentorship

As a pediatric infectious disease physician in the U.S. Army, Maj. Ashley Marani...

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Family Man: A Family Medicine Physician on the Army Healthcare Team

As a family physician and AMEDD officer on the U.S. Army healthcare team, Lt. Co...

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Saving Dogs that Save Soldiers

As a child, he “wanted to be able to fix dogs.” Now Lt. Col. Rob Goodman is an A...

play play LTC Thomas Hustead, M. D. - Family Physician
My Story

LTC Hustead describes what it means to him to be part of a team of professionals...


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