U.S. Army Soldiers are better equipped than any fighting force on Earth. Take a look at the latest gear being placed in their hands.

About the Army
Inspection of M119-A2 weapon
DAGR handheld gps locator

GPS Locator

Human beings have used the stars to navigate for thousands of years. These days, we still use space through satellite technology, which has paved the way for an era of mind-boggling precision. The Army’s Global Positioning System Locator bounces signals off of Earth-orbiting satellites through a process called “trilateration”, narrowing an object’s – or human’s – coordinates down to just a few meters.

Photo of Soldier in Ghilli suit

Ghillie Suit

Ghillie suits are special three-dimensional camouflage outfits generally worn by marksmen. The suits, which are covered with synthetic vegetation that reacts to wind and rain just like real plants, are designed to simulate the environment and provide a maximum level of concealment for the person wearing it.

Satellite Communication System Operator SGT Jamers

Long-Range Communications

Soldiers use the latest technology to communicate through radio or text messages via satellite or computer. Satellite systems, configured as either large, land-mounted terminals or transportable systems, are critical to the success of these communications.

M24 Sniper Weapons System Rifle

M24 Sniper Weapons System

The Army's M24 Sniper Weapons System (SWS) is one of the most accurate sniping systems in use today. It has a strong, lightweight stock made of Kevlar, graphite and fiberglass, a two-foot long barrel and a detachable bipod for pinpoint accuracy.

Army Airborne Soldiers on ground

Night Vision

Night vision allows Soldiers to see during night operations or in low-light environments. Night vision equipment amplifies visible and non-visible light so that the human eye can see it.